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Our global support teams regularly broadcast educational webinars. These are available live with Q&A or as recordings to demonstrate the benefits of using Flowmaster V7 for a range of thermo-fluid system applications.

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An example of PID Control Implementation

PID (Proportional-Derivative-Integral) is a feedback controller widely used in industry. It has a pre-defined, standard and flexible structure and, in its general form, requires the tuning of three coefficients (proportional-integral-derivative). A PID controller is a robust control system that can be used also when the model of the system is not completely known. It can be tuned manually or by using semi-empirical methods that guarantee standard performances.

Topics include:

  • PID control basic theory, Nunzio Zienna (Flowmaster Ltd, UK)

  • Example of PID control implementation in Flowmaster, Steve Massey (MMI Engineering Ltd, UK)

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