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Flowmaster User Symposium

Tuesday 12th October 2010


9.00am Registration and Welcome

Surge Analysis in the Water Systems
Alasdair Perrott, Principle Surge Analyst, Mott MacDonald

The range and types of system that Flowmaster is used for in Mott MacDonald and some issues that arise. Types of system include: Water Transmission Systems small and large, Water distribution systems, Sewage and Drainage pumping systems, Cooling Water systems (freshwater and seawater)etc.


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MMI’s Application of Flowmaster and Fuel System Optimisation
Steve Massey, Senior Consultant, MMI Engineering

It describes how we have used Flowmaster in a variety of engineering consultancy applications and outlines the fuel system optimisation tool we have developed for one of our aerospace clients.


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The Flexible Role of Flowmaster in the Automotive Exhaust Development Process
Roger J Chuter MSc. MIOA, NVH Specialist, Faurecia Emissions Control Technologies

The back-pressure caused by fitting an emissions control system to a car engine is a limiting factor on the performance and economy of a vehicle. This Presentation demonstrates the ways that Flowmaster is used, in conjunction with other software packages and flow test equipment, at each stage of the development of an automotive exhaust system. Examples will show RFQ support, model-to-engine test correlation and system refinement.


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11.00am BREAK

Protecting chemical pipelines from surge forces by selection of suitable surge alleviation
Stuart Ord, Director, CEDCS

Pipes in the chemical industry often carry corrosive, toxic or flammable materials. When these pipes are long, or active elements like valves are fast acting, there is a danger that surge behaviour will present a risk to the integrity of the system. Flowmaster has been extensively used to model pipelines carrying liquid chlorine, crude oil, caustic soda, natural gas, cyclohexane and other materials. Events such as valve closure and pump trips were considered. Results were analysed for excessive pressure and excessive forces on pipe supports. When found to be unacceptable, surge alleviation is needed. This talk will consider some of the cases modelled by the speaker, and what influenced the choice of alleviation where it was needed.


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Application of FLOWMASTER for Power Plant Systems
KK Yau, Alstom Power Limited

An overall review for the applications of FLOWMASTER software to various areas of the power plants within the system engineering department of ALSTOM POWER will be given first. A few selected studies including cooling water system surge analysis, steam blow study, and flue gas modelling will be presented in more details to demonstrate how FLOWMASTER is being used for design and problem solving. Comparison with site measurements will also be carried out to validate the FLOWMASTER based models.

12.30pm LUNCH

Practical Issues using Bladder Type Surge Vessels
Alasdair Perrott, Principle Surge Analyst, Mott MacDonald

The use of bladder type surge vessels is becoming more common. The way Flowmaster models them will be considered together with practical issues of what can go wrong.


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Vehicle Underhood Cooling System Modeling & Challenges
Darald Chao, Cummins Engine Co

The presentation will show how we model the vehicle underhood cooling system using Flowmaster here at Cummins as well as to compare Flowmaster predicted results with actual test measurements. Finally, i will talk about the challenges that we face when we perform such modeling and hopefully, we'll have some open discussion with the other participants on how best to model the vehicle underhood cooling system.


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2.30pm BREAK

Dissipation of energy in heave compensation systems
Morten Kjelsden,, Flow Design Bureau AS

The system will consist of both liquid and compressible- gas parts, and for a realistic description of the motion solid/mechanical elements are used. Now for a correct energy dissipation calculation the heat exchange between the system and the environment needs to be calculated. Flowmaster is used for sizing the system by using a multi physics approach but with elements already available in the General Transients suit. A typical analysis will use the amplitude and frequency of the floating facility or waves as input, and measure the resulting variation in distance between the riser tie in and the sea floor.


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3.30pm Summary and Close


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