Cooling Systems

Flowmaster V7 provides engineers with the ability to analyse the surge effects of possible transient events such as valve closure, pump trip, pump start up and heat exchanger tube rupture, ensuring that both the associated pressures and forces are within the system limits. In addition to Cooling Water Systems, Flowmaster V7 can also be used for other types of Cooling Systems such as air cooling systems and Heating, Ventilation and Cooling (HVAC).

Flowmaster V7 also offers an optional Advanced Heat Exchanger Module which provides a wide range of heat exchangers, additional AC components, powerful new Component Analytical Models, a combined Geometric and Empirical Analysis module and a Geometric Data Wizard. This means users can accurately conceptualise modern fluid systems early in the design process, to specify heat exchangers without the need to wait for manufacturers performance data.

Chemical Processing Cooling System

Scenarios where you could use Flowmaster to meet a design requirements:

  • Evaluating whether the system meets desired temperature regulation
  • To investigate the impact of different components on the overall cooling system
  • Correct sizing of components to ensure efficiency and low operating cost
  • To understand the effects of different operating conditions on the overall cooling system
  • Failure scenarios for sudden transient events to ensure they are within the system limits

Key Cooling Systems Modelling & Simulation Features:

  • Steady State and Transient flow analysis using a wide range of heat transfer options
  • Examine system pressures, flow rates and temperatures
  • Geometric Heat Exchanger Modelling
  • Wide range of standard and cooling specific components
  • Determine heat rejection based on 'real' operating conditions




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