Key System Modelling Features:

  • Fast ‘Drag-and-drop’ modelling method to build up systems in minutes

  • In-Built library of component models underpinned by empirical data from extensive research into fluid flow characteristics by DS Miller

  • Customisable catalogues of components and data with which you can organise your models and data to suit the way your company works

  • Create composite components to group subsystems and simplify large complex models making it easy for others to use

  • Advanced Design Visualisation tools for organising networks and sub-systems into layers giving you greater control over complex models

  • Smart Modelling tools to prevent the user from connecting incompatible components

Key System Optimisation Features:

  • Run parametric studies in batches from within Flowmaster V7 using Variable Parameter functionality.

  • Run parametric studies via bespoke applications using COM automation

  • Link Flowmaster V7 to third party optimisation software tools such as iSIGHT and modeFRONTIER

  • Compare parametric studies with Flowmaster V7 post processing tools

Key System Data Management Features:

  • Audit trail & tracking of model history functionality keeps track of design changes and associated data, offering the user the ability to ‘roll back’ to previous versions to quickly compare results from different designs, saving valuable modelling time.

  • User group administration tools allowing for the creation of project teams with difference access privileges to Flowmaster data.

  • Securely store legacy data in an industry standard relational database. Store, share and track data securely, allowing for greater collaboration across project teams.

  • Database synchronisation tool allow users to ‘check out’ Flowmaster networks from a central database enabling users to work away from the central Flowmaster server. Useful when working on site with clients.


  • Integrate fully with existing CAE, 3D CFD and optimisation tools such as MATLAB®, STAR-CD, FLUENT®, iSIGHT, modeFRONTIER and Microsoft Excel®

  • Incorporate in-house software tools whilst leveraging the power of Flowmaster