Flowmaster V7 General Systems provides pipeline engineers the ability to model either type of network in both steady state and transient conditions for both liquids and gases.

Engineers working on transmission pipelines are able to use Flowmaster V7 to understand a range of possible design issues including the pipeline size, changing elevation, and varying environmental temperatures on the flow of the system.  Flowmaster V7 can also be used to investigate the effect that operational procedures may have on the system such as pump or compressor station start-up/shut-down, rapid valve closure, and changes in delivery requirements to ensure the pipeline operates safely and reliably.

For more complex systems such as gas or liquid distribution systems, Flowmaster V7 allows engineers to quickly construct a model to understand the pressure/flow distribution through the many sections of the system.  Flowmaster V7 provides users with the ability to determine the required size for components such as pipes, orifices and valve openings to achieve a required flow rate using the Flow Balancing capability.

Natural Gas Gathering System

Scenarios where you could use Flowmaster to meet a design requirements:

  • Evaluating whether the system meets desired flow rates
  • To investigate the impact of different components on the overall system
  • Correct sizing of components to ensure efficiency and low operating cost
  • To understand the effects of different operating conditions on the overall system
  • Failure scenarios for sudden transient events to ensure they are within the system limits

Key Safety Systems Modelling & Simulation Features:

  • Steady State and Transient flow analysis using a wide range of heat transfer options
  • Examine system pressures, flow rates and system response times
  • Wide range of hydraulic system components
  • Flow balancing module for regulating system flow rates
  • Design out pressure surge and cavitation




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