Heavy Duty Diesel Engines

Heavy-duty & industrial diesel engines represent a significant investment for any operator whether they are used to generate electricity or to provide ship propulsion.

Flowmaster can model the critical components in the cooling system, lubrication system and fuel injection systems. Integrating Flowmaster into the design process can help reduce the risk associated with introducing new innovate engines and reduce the commissioning times by assisting in designing out potential restrictions to reduce time spent at the test bed.

Benefit of using Flowmaster V7

  • Reducing the risk associated with introducing new innovative engines
  • Reducing the commissioning time by designing out any potential restrictions and troubleshoot unforeseen problems on virtual models rather than on-site or test bed trial and error
  • Increasing confidence earlier in the design process that engines will meet or exceed customer and legislative demands
  • Ability to explore innovative ideas earlier and more cost effectively than traditional approaches to design