Secondary Air

Secondary air systems are complex and involve the interaction of rotating components with the fluid systems of a gas turbine engine. Secondary air engineers face the challenge of balancing the amount of airflow used for cooling the turbine with the resulting loss of efficiency to optimise the overall performance of the engine.

Flowmaster V7 Gas Turbine has been developed to allow systems engineers to build and simulate models of secondary air systems, complete with components such as labyrinth seals, rotating cavities, annular passages and specialised orifices, all of which are customisable. Through the use of cavity components and the cavity wizard, Flowmaster utilises the swirl solver to simulate the rotating air flow through and between the rotating and stationary disks that are attached to the rotor and stator blades.

Key Secondary Air Modelling & Simulation Features:

  • Cavity wizard, a specialised graphical Interface
  • A 3D coordinate system for simulating the effect of rotating components the air systems of a turbine
  • Integrated swirl solver for predicting the flow temperature effects on the system due to high speed rotating surfaces
  • Customisable components include: labyrinth seals, rotating cavities and specialised orifices
  • Comprehensive library of standard fluid and thermal components

Scenarios where you could use Flowmaster to solve a problem:

  • Calculating the swirl generated by rotating components in a gas turbine engine and geometrically induced swirl generated by preswirl nozzles
  • Tracking how the swirl is propagated and effected by other components
  • Predicting the flow temperature effects on the system due to high speed rotating surfaces