• Modelling of all common types of Air Conditioning system; TXV, FOT, VOT

  • In-built library of component models underpinned by empirical data from extensive research into fluid flow characteristics by DS Miller

  • Customisable catalogues of components and data enable organisation of your models and data to suit the way your company works

  • Create composite components to group subsystems and simplify large complex models making it easy for others to use

  • Advanced design visualisation tools for organising networks and sub-systems onto layers giving you greater control over complex models

  • Smart Modelling and validated data entry prevent users from connecting incompatible components or inputting incorrect data, reduce margin for error – optimising accuracy of results first time


  • Configuration of evaporators and condensers with performance data

  • Transient and steady state simulation including: incompressible, compressible and heat transfer analysis options

  • Dynamic real time colour visualization of running simulations; as the simulation runs the network components change colour to indicate pressure and flow rates around the system

  • 2D graphical simulation display and automatic out putting of results to reports documents

  • Flow balancing module for optimising component sizes around your system providing valuable cost savings and promoting greater performance efficiency

Data Management & Collaboration

  • Data management facility - Built upon a powerful relational database, Flowmaster V7 Automotive provides the tools to ensure that simulation data and models can be safely shared across the organisation and supply chain. 

  • User administrator tools enable different project teams and roles to be defined within the software, with different priveleges to Flowmaster data. 

  • Audit trail & tracking of model history functionality
    ensures complete tracability through an audit trail, created every time a simulation is run, allowing the user to find, identify and interrogate historical data, quickly and easily.

  • Simulation signoff facility allows a manager to "sign off" simulations so that networks and results can be retained for regulatory, certification, quality assurance or contractual reasons.

  • Database Synchronisation tool allows users to 'check out' Flowmaster reference networks from a central database, facilitating the ability of engineers to undertake field trials with Flowmater and work away from a central Flowmaster server..


  • Integrate fully with existing design and manufacturing systems and co-simulate with other leading CAE, CFD and optimisation tools such as MATLAB®, STAR-CD, FLUENT®, iSIGHT, modeFRONTIER and Excel

  • By linking Flowmaster into your PLM system, data and simulation reports are available throughout the development process, communicating clearly the project status alongside all other processes, leading to improved decision making.