Lubrication Systems

With energy prices rising and both markets and legislation demanding more efficient engines, optimising the lubrication systems of your powertrain systems is essential to ensuring as efficient and economical vehicle operation as possible.

The Lubrication Systems Modelling packages from Flowmaster enable you to understand the complex dynamics of an entire lubrication system taking into account all the main consumers of oil, e.g. oil pumps, pressure limiting and regulating valves, oil passage ways, bearings, hydraulic lash adjusters, camshaft variable timing devices, chain and belt tensioners and sumps (oil pans).

The Advanced Heat Exchanger Module provides a wide range of single and two phase heat exchangers, AC components, powerful new Component Analytical Models, a combined Geometric and Empirical Analysis module and a New Geometric Data Wizard complete a Graphical User Interface built on simplicity, usability and productivity. Click here for more information on the Advanced Heat Exchanger Module >

Key System Modelling & Simulation Features:

  • Steady State and Transient flow analysis using a wide range of heat transfer options
  • Wide range of standard and lubrication specific components
  • Accurate prediction of lubricant flow rates, pressures and temperatures for critical design cases

Scenarios where Flowmaster can be used to provide a solution:

  • Ensuring adequate oil flow to all components, such as bearings, for all operating conditions
  • Minimising of friction
  • Quickly and accurately predict system-wide lubrication flow rates, pressures and temperatures for critical design cases
  • Optimising and validating the performance of lubrication systems for complex mechanical powertrain systems
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