Fuel & Injection Systems

A well designed and optimised fuel and injection system is key element to enable a powertrain package to meet its efficiency, performance, cost and environmental requirements.

The Fuel & Injection Systems Modelling packages from Flowmaster allow you to design, simulate, optimise and validate your fuel & injection system to requirements before committing to expensive prototypes. It includes a wide range of standard and fuel & injection specific components and a range of simulation modes for modelling complex systems in order to predict fuel system behaviour.

Key System Modelling & Simulation Features:

  • Steady State and Transient flow analysis using a wide range of heat transfer options
  • Wide range of standard and fuel and injection system specific components
  • Examine individual injector delivery volumes and timing (rate shaping)

Scenarios where Flowmaster can be used to provide a solution:

  • Predict and design out unwanted peak pressure spikes
  • Investigate tank filling rates
  • Fuel pressure, flow-rates, temperatures and other performance parameters
  • Choosing pump sizes and pressures in the low pressure (tank to pump) and high pressure (pump to injector) system
  • Rate Shaping; i.e. the optimisation of the fuel injector character curve (fuel delivery over time)
  • Fuel injector modelling – spring rate sizing, cavitation effects, fuel delivery characteristics etc
  • Temperature effects on the fuel rail – for example, bulk modulus