Exhaust Systems

The modern automotive exhaust system is critical in enabling powertrain systems to meet their performance, efficiency, weight and packaging targets.  However, during the vehicle development process, it is the exhaust system that is often left until the very end to design.

The Exhaust Systems Modelling packages from Flowmaster enable you to model entire systems from the engine to the rear silencer/muffler and subsequently run simulations under real operating conditions. This allows accurate prediction of pressures, losses, flow rates and other performance parameters for a given design.

Rapid simulations and highly accurate results produced by Flowmaster enable you to optimise and evolve a design before committing to build expensive physical prototypes.

Key System Modelling & Simulation Features:

  • Examine system pressures, flow rates and temperatures
  • Wide range of standard and exhaust specific components
  • Weighting factor for irregular bends
  • Full heat transfer in bends
  • Compressible and Incompressible flow balancing
  • Steady State and Transient flow analysis using a wide range of heat transfer options

Scenarios where Flowmaster can be used to provide a solution:

  • Ensuring flow stability during any operating conditions by validating system pressures, flow rates and temperatures
  • Understanding where small design changes and focussed optimisation will deliver the greatest performance improvement
  • Optimising Positive Crankcase Ventilation Valve
  • Meeting packaging, performance, cost and acoustic targets
  • Validating and optimising designs for the latest emission reducing powertrain designs (bio-fuels, cylinder deactivation, hybrid, energy regeneration etc)