Cooling Systems

Thermal Management is a significant challenge in the design of modern vehicles and a well designed cooling system is vital in overcoming this challenge.  Designing and optimising for packaging space restrictions, powertrain architecture variations and thermal loads is essential.

The Cooling Systems Modelling packages from Flowmaster enable you to model your cooling system and optimise its design before building the real thing, whether you vary the design parameters of the thermostat to ensure a constant temperature in the cooling system or resize key components to packaging constrains.

The Advanced Heat Exchanger Module provides a wide range of single and two phase heat exchangers, AC components, powerful new Component Analytical Models, a combined Geometric and Empirical Analysis module and a New Geometric Data Wizard complete a Graphical User Interface built on simplicity, usability and productivity. Click here for more information on the Advanced Heat Exchanger Module >

Key System Modelling & Simulation Features:

  • Steady State and Transient flow analysis using a wide range of heat transfer options
  • Examine system pressures, flow rates and temperatures
  • Geometric Heat Exchanger Modelling
  • Wide range of standard and cooling specific components
  • Determine heat rejection based on engine speed and load
  • Understand thermal flow paths between the engines metal structure with the coolant and underhood air flow

Scenarios where Flowmaster can be used to provide a solution:

  • Evaluating the impact of components from different suppliers on the overall cooling system
  • Testing the effects of different operating conditions, i.e warm-up cycles in winter
  • Determining the sizing of the expansion tank or de-gas bottle and its effects on performance
  • Investigating if coolant temperature oscillations occur and whether they affect passenger comfort or engine emissions
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