• Modelling of Psychrometrics (humid air modelling)
  • In-built library of component models underpinned by empirical data from extensive research into fluid flow characteristics by DS Miller

  • Customisable catalogues of components and data with which you can organise your models and data to suit the way your company works

  • Create composite components to group subsystems and simplify large complex models making it easy for others to use

  • Advanced Design Visualisation tools for organising networks and sub-systems onto layers giving you greater control over complex models

  • Smart Modelling tools to prevent the user from connecting incompatible components


  • Advanced Cabin Component and Passenger Comfort Model for simplified vapour cycle system modelling and simulating the environment experienced in small cabins and cockpits.

  • Advanced Multi-Arm Tank Component to aid the modelling of the movement between fuel tank cells enabling engineers to control the Nitrogen Enriched Air (NEA) within the ullage space of the emptying tank and ensure that the system conforms to FAA rules on inerting and venting.

  • 3D Co-ordinate system and 'Body Forces' compensation

  • Library of fuel system components and jet fuels
  • Transient and steady state simulation including; incompressible, compressible and heat transfer analysis options

  • Dynamic real time colour visualization of running simulations. As the simulation runs the network components change colour to indicate pressure and flow rates around the system

  • 2D graphical simulation display and automatic out putting of results to reports documents

  • Flow balancing module for optimising component sizes around your system providing valuable cost savings and promoting greater performance efficiency

  • Fluid Mixing functionality for the ability to model the mixing of liquids or gases

Data Management & Collaboration

  • Data management facility built on an industrial strength, multi-user relational database, giving you flexibility in how you represent your models, data and results within your organisation and to others in the supply chain

  • Project administration tools restricting access to project data to individuals that require it within a project team. This tailored environment allows for easy access to data for those that need it

  • Audit trail & tracking of model history functionality keeps track of design changes and associated data, offering the designer a chance to ‘roll back’ to previous versions, and quick compare results from different designs saving valuable modelling time


  • Integrate fully with existing CAE, 3D CFD and optimisation tools such as MATLAB®, STAR-CD, FLUENT®, iSIGHT, modeFRONTIER and Excel

  • Incorporate in-house software tools whilst leveraging the power of Flowmaster