Whether controlling the aircraft during flight, or takeoff and landing, the critical nature of hydraulic systems demands reliability. However, engineers must balance reliability with the cost of over-design.

Flowmaster V7 Aerospace enables engineers to design and simulate early on in the design process to accurately predict system performance and strike a balance between critical needs and costly over-design.

Landing Gear • Flight Control Systems • Braking Systems • Pneumatic Systems

Key Hydraulics Modelling & Simulation Features:

  • Transient and Steady State analysis
  • Library of hydraulics system components
  • Ability to carry out frequency domain post processing
  • Flow balancing module for regulating system flow rates

Scenarios where you could use Flowmaster to solve a problem:

  • Identifying pressure drops and spikes throughout the system
  • Modelling interactions between components and subsystems
  • Investigation of more operating conditions to ensure increased safety of operation
  • Simulating the transient response of actuators
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