Fuel Systems

Aircraft fuel systems are complex, involving interaction between the fluid, mechanical and electrical systems on-board an aircraft. It is vital these systems perform as intended and within regulations and without adversely impacting other areas of an aircraft’s system performance.

Flowmaster V7 Aerospace enables engineers to ensure adequate fuel delivery and meet regulatory requirements by simulating pressures, temperatures and flow rates throughout the complete fuel system.

Fuel system engineers can utilise Flowmaster V7 Aerospace’s integrated 3D Co-ordinate System to validate their designs and demonstrate that they will continue to provide sufficient fuel delivery when the aircraft is under extreme manoeuvres, accounting for external body forces calculated from user specified conditions such as roll, pitch and yaw.

Ground Refuelling • Arial Refuelling • Take Off •
Landing & Flights

Key Fuel System Modelling & Simulation Features:

  • Advanced Multi-Arm Tank Component to aid the modelling of the movement between fuel tank cells enabling engineers to control the Nitrogen Enriched Air (NEA) within the ullage space of the emptying tank and ensure that the system conforms to FAA rules on inerting and venting.
  • 3D Coordinate System that accounts for external body forces (Pitch, Roll and Yaw) to help simulate fuel delivery performance during extreme manoeuvres.
  • Multi-Fluid Simulation for modelling the mixing, separation and modification of multiple liquids or gases.
  • Transient and Steady State analysis

Scenarios where you could use Flowmaster to solve a problem:

  • Simulating the affect of external body forces acting upon fuel systems whilst in flight
  • Modelling flow rates, pressures and flow distribution to and from multiple fuel tanks to determine the refuel and defuel sequences
  • Modelling the effect the Mach number has on the fluid flow when venting at high altitude to predict choking
  • Modelling the heat transfer characteristics when using fuel as a heat sink where heat is rejected from engine lubrication and/or hydraulic power systems

“Flowmaster is a design tool used by our engineers on a daily basis to investigate the fluid mechanics of the fuel system. It helps us understand how changes to the fuel system design will affect performance, and the simulation results are frequently used in conjunction with test results in certification reports for the fuel system”

Ellis Griffiths,
Head of Fuel Systems, Fluids Mechanical. Airbus UK

NEW - Fuel System Venting and Inerting

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Complete Fuel System Modellig with Body Forces

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