Environmental Control Systems

The successful development of an Environmental Control System (ECS) is dependent on maintaining a comfortable environment for passengers and tolerable working conditions for safety and electrical equipment while also ensuring the system is optimised to minimise material wastage and weight.

Flowmaster V7 Aerospace can be used at the concept stage to model and simulate all the sub-systems of an aircraft’s entire environmental control system. Engineers can carry out detailed simulations on individual sub-systems and / or simulate them together in a single model to review their interaction as a whole.

Anti-Ice • Bleed Air• Electronic Cooling •
Air Cycle Machine • Vapour Cycle Systems

Key ECS Modelling & Simulation Functionality:

  • Advanced Cabin Component and Passenger Comfort Model for simplified vapour cycle system modelling and simulating the environment experienced in small cabins and cockpits.
  • Psychrometrics modelling for accurately predicting pressures, temperatures and flow rates by investigating humidity changes through the aircraft cooling packs.
  • Complete air management system simulation with in-built components specifically designed for modelling air distribution, ice protection and bleed air systems.
  • Flow balancing module for optimising component sizes around your system.
  • Transient and Steady State analysis

Scenarios you could investigate using Flowmaster

  • Cabin cool-down time of a cabin on a hot day
  • Cooling power of the system when the plane is on the ground while running off of a cart
  • Level of humidity or pollutants in the system
  • The effects of humidity and the altitude of the plane on the fluid properties of air

“Flowmaster's in-built data and supplied ECS components enable us to create new system designs in a more automated manner, removing the labour intensive process of hand calculations and use of spreadsheets”

Tim Wright, Technical Manager
Senior Aerospace BWT


NEW - Vapour Cycle system modelling with the Cabins Component

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Modelling a full air distribution System

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