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Software solutions: Flowmaster V7

Flowmaster V7 is a thermo-fluid system simulation software tool that allows process system engineers to investigate pressure surge, pressure drop, flow rate, temperature and system response times – removing the uncertainty from fluid flow systems.

Model and simulate critical systems in order to; validate new systems designs, design retrofits to an existing system, troubleshoot potential problems and monitor process plant systems during the maintenance cycle.

Flowmaster V7 - Key Software Capabilities

System Modelling & Simulation

  • Pressure surge analysis, temperature and fluid flowrate prediction
  • Steady State and Transient simulation of Incompressible and Compressible systems with Heat Transfer analysis
  • Rigorous Energy Balance Solver enables engineers to model the Joule Thomson effect along long pipelines and aims to balance the energy of the system (in the form of enthalpy)
  • Extensive catalogue of component models - Inbulit empirical data
  • NIST REFPROP 9.0 fluid database - Direct link to the external REFPROP 9.0 library
  • Fast batch simulation analysis
  • Pipe flow balancing - optimising component sizes
  • 3D CAD Piping Import tool provides an easy to use interface importing 3D CAD piping files directly into Flowmaster.

Simulation Data Control

  • Secure storage of networks, performance data, components and results centrally in an industry standard relational database
  • Audit trail of model design history with ‘roll back’ functionality
  • Open API and SDK development tools for extending and integrating into existing product development and optimisation systems.

Flowmaster V7 Software Package Options:

Click on the package names below to see the different Flowmaster V7 Software package options available.

Incompressible Systems Package
Designed as a solution for a wide range of liquid-only systems, this package provides incompressible modelling functionality and the ability to run steady state or transient analysis. Systems that can be modelled include:
  • Pressure Surge analysis
  • Hydraulic Systems

The optional Heat Transfer solver capabilities can be included with the IIncompressible Systems package which enables the following systems to be modelled:

  • Cooling Systems
  • Lubrication Systems
Compressible Systems Package
Designed as a solution for a wide range of gas-only systems, this package provides compressible modelling capability for steady state or transient analysis. Systems that can be modelled include:
  • Gas transmission
  • Gas feed systems
Fluid Systems Suite Package
This comprehensive systems package includes Compressible, Incompressible and Heat Transfer modelling capabilities. Ideally suited for companies that design
different types of fluid systems or consultancies that need the flexibility to offer a full range of system modelling and analysis services.
Process Plant Filtration System
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Case Study

No Surprises, Please – Lurgi GmbH Optimises its Piping Systems using Flowmaster V7

Chemical plants are continually growing and increasing in complexity. To survive in an extremely competitive market, failures are not allowed. To obtain reliable statements on the behaviour of a plant requires as comprehensive and accurate information as possible. To achieve this level of understanding, the usage of computer simulation is continuing to increase. For more than ten years Lurgi GmbH has used Flowmaster for the simulation and analysis of their complex piping systems.

Improving Accuracy with System Analysis

This case study dicusses CLYDEUNION Pumps use of Flowmaster tobuild complex models quickly and accurately, so that they can predict accurate approximation of the system resistance to ensure they deliver the right pump to a customers meeting the
head and flow they have requested.