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Safety Systems - Pressure Surge, Pressure Relief and Fire Suppression Systems

Effective safety systems are an integral and essential part of any large complex process plant. Systems Engineers will be seeking to design those systems to be as effective and cost efficient as possible. Increased regulations for process plants require system designs to be validated to prove their effectiveness.

Flowmaster V7 provides Systems Engineers with the ability to design and validate safety systems during new build or retrofit and also to ensure efficient ongoing operation throughout the maintenance cycle.

Fire suppression systems

Determine proper flow rates to each section of the facility using the Flow Balancing capability. Flowmaster enables users to specify volumetric flow rate for components most suited to the use of balancing flows such as; control valves, orifices, pipes, pumps, reservoirs and accumulators. In addition, if using dry fire suppression systems, understanding the amount of time for the system to deliver water to each of the distribution points is made possible using the Flowmaster V7 priming capability.

Plant Fire Suppression System

Surge suppression equipment

Pressure surge and cavitation can cause significant damage to the piping systems of a process plant, often resulting in significant downtime. The use of Flowmaster V7 can help you predict the areas of your piping systems where this is likely to happen. Often time dependant changes to the operation of the systems such as a slower valve closure time can help to eliminate this concern; however some systems require the addition of surge suppression equipment. Flowmaster V7 includes several types of surge suppression methods, including relief valves and accumulators that can be added to the model and analyzed before being added to the physical system.

Pressure relief systems for gas networks

When dealing with gas systems it is critical to incorporate pressure relief systems to ensure safe operation and to prevent possible system failure or significant downtime . Flowmaster enables users to model compressible gas flow including sizing of components such as orifices to produce a specified mass flow rate and choked flow prediction to understand limitations.

In the example (right) Flowmaster is being used to quickly analyse the pressure relief system and understand the time required to depressurise the system.

Tubular Reactor Pressure Relief System


Case Study

No Surprises, Please – Lurgi GmbH Optimises its Piping Systems using Flowmaster V7

Chemical plants are continually growing and increasing in complexity. To survive in an extremely competitive market, failures are not allowed. To obtain reliable statements on the behaviour of a plant requires as comprehensive and accurate information as possible. To achieve this level of understanding, the usage of computer simulation is continuing to increase. For more than ten years Lurgi GmbH has used Flowmaster for the simulation and analysis of their complex piping systems.

Improving Accuracy with System Analysis

This case study dicusses CLYDEUNION Pumps use of Flowmaster tobuild complex models quickly and accurately, so that they can predict accurate approximation of the system resistance to ensure they deliver the right pump to a customers meeting the
head and flow they have requested.