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Modern process plants are extremely complex with many interdependent systems. Energy efficiency, minimal downtime along with reduced production and maintenance costs all contribute to increased effectiveness and improved margins. Successful, validated design and continual monitoring ensure that the plant is optimised to deliver that effectiveness.

Process plants are totally dependent on the efficient running of their piping systems and therefore optimum design and continual effective maintenance are essential. Flowmaster V7 is used to simulate system performance and optimise both new and existing process plants. Whether understanding if a new design will meet the required design specification, the components are sized to meet optimum performance targets or to find out the effects of shutting down a section of the system on the rest of the plant, Flowmaster makes this practical and quick to simulate.

By simulating the system in the virtual environment, different system configurations can be compared to aid component selection and sizing, explore system improvements - to reduce the overall energy consumption for example - and reduce the projects capital expenditure. Flowmaster allows users to quantify system performance and quickly assess its feasibility to provide design assurance, lowering the risk of system failure.

Flowmaster offers the ability to model and simulate critical systems in order to; validate new systems designs, design retrofits to an existing system, troubleshoot potential problems and monitor process plant systems during the maintenance cycle.

Equipped to model liquid systems, gas systems and high pressure steam, Flowmaster V7 provides powerful transient abilities utilising the Flowmaster solver to provide accurate and accessible results for pressure surge and large time scale temperature change scenarios.

The Flow Balancing solver and parametric study tool makes sizing pipes, valves and orifices quick and simple to complete. Pumps (including both roto-dynamic and positive displacement along with hydraulics, including those attached to mechanical systems) can also be modelled.

Process Customers include: ABB Eutech, BASF AG, BP Amoco, BP Chemicals, Corus, DOW Chemical, E.ON Engineering GmbH, Foster Wheeler, GEA Bischoff GmbH, Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation, Siemens AG, Shell SIOP, Shell UK Expro and Woodhill Engineering.



Case Study

No Surprises, Please – Lurgi GmbH Optimises its Piping Systems using Flowmaster V7

Chemical plants are continually growing and increasing in complexity. To survive in an extremely competitive market, failures are not allowed. To obtain reliable statements on the behaviour of a plant requires as comprehensive and accurate information as possible. To achieve this level of understanding, the usage of computer simulation is continuing to increase. For more than ten years Lurgi GmbH has used Flowmaster for the simulation and analysis of their complex piping systems.