Flowmaster V7 for
Power Generation Applications

Gas Turbine - Combined Cycle - Fossil Fuels - Nuclear - Hydro-Electric - Geothermal
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Geo-Thermal Systems

Energy generation from Geo-Thermal sources can use many different methods - Flash, Binary, Hot Dry Rock etc - all requiring careful thermo-fluid management to ensure optimum performance.

Flowmaster V7 can model the hot water piping and cooling water piping systems and can also be used in post-turbine water to identify water hammer and cavitation.

Geo Thermal Power Plant

Hydro-Electric Generation Systems

Hydro-Electric Power

Large scale hydro-electric plants experience tremendous pressure on their hydraulic systems putting demands on the lubrication systems. Flowmaster can model both of these systems to help engineers to verfiy pump and orifice sizes. The copper stator bars, a critical component within these generators, run closed loop cooling systems and Flowmaster V7 can also be used to model these, helping to prevent reduced generator performance.

The lubrication system for the shaft bearings are continuous flow lubrication systems that are typically water cooled. These large turbines spin at a high speeds and the shaft bearings require continuous lubrication. These systems involve pumps and filtration systems and optimising components with Flowmaster V7 will minimise the down time of the turbine for maintenance.

Wind Energy Systems

The use of Wind Energy is fast becoming a key contributor to the energy mix. Using Flowmaster V7 early in the concept phase of the design cycle, various applications can be modelled including calculating pressure drops for any part of the system and ensuring the optimum size of pumps and valves; helping designers understand and eliminate any potential problems early before the system is built and installed.

Flowmaster can be used in the Braking, Cooling, Lubrication and Hydraulic systems of wind turbines.

Solar Energy Systems

With the emergence of alternative power generation methods including the Thermal receiver method of solar power generation; ensuring accuracy of analyses relies heavily on CFD with limited live data.

Flowmaster V7 enables design engineers to investigate many different what-if scenarios based on real operating conditions put on the system before it is built, which saves time and money when the system is installed and commissioned.

Applications include modelling of the steam from boiler to turbine and then from condenser to boiler for water; pipe, pump, and orifice sizing; system flow balancing and spare capacity to safeguard for future demands on the system.

wind turbine

Case Studies

Wavegen - Harnessing the Power of the Ocean with Flowmaster

Wavegen chose Flowmaster as their fluid systems simulation package due to its versatility, ease of use and its ability to successfully integrate with their 3D-CAD and CFD design packages.