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With the increased cost of generating electricity from fossil fuels couples with the concerns about greenhouse gases, nuclear power is experiencing renewed focus.  The 2011 event at the Fukishima Daiichi Plant has also meant increased scrutiny for this industry.

With this renewed focus on Nuclear as a power generation method building the next generation of Nuclear Power plants will be under close scrutiny for efficiency and safety. Modelling the operational and safety systems is critical in this process and Flowmaster can help during both design and testing stages.

Flowmaster can model the operational specific systems in a nuclear plant include piping systems to evacuate and contain the coolant fluid during refueling as well as fire suppression and reactor flooding systems from the safety aspect.

The cooling system of a nuclear power station is a safety critical system. For more than 10 years companies such as Electricite de France and Edison have used Flowmaster to design and optimise power station cooling systems.

Application areas:

  • Cooling system design
  • Balance of plant piping system design
  • Fluid system design and control system development – emergency shut down
  • Plant room operator training

"Flowmaster has proved to be an effective tool to simulate the operation of elementary systems of a nuclear power station. It enables very rapid assessment of the feasibility of a project and validation of the proposed solutions."
Electricite de France

Commonwealth Edison avoid considerable expense of a major plant rework

Commonwealth Edison's engineers using Flowmaster were able to show that the initial assumption about the cause of the transients was actually incorrect. Therefore, the proposed changes were inappropriate and Commonwealth Edison was then able to avoid the considerable expense of a major plant rework.