Flowmaster V7 for
Power Generation Applications

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Gas Turbines

Flowmaster have a dedicated software solution, developed specifically for the turbo machinary industry;
Flowmaster V7 Gas Turbine which can be used to model:

  • Turbine Blade Cooling
  • Secondary Air Systems
  • Atomising Air Systems
  • Combustion Liner Heat Flow
  • Lubrication Systems
  • Fuel Supply System
  • Purge air system
  • Water injection system.

The fuel lines and control systems are commonly modelled using Flowmaster. Some of these systems also involve the preheating of the air and the fuel before it enters the turbine. These systems take advantage of Flowmaster’s pressure drop, surge and thermal analysis capabilities.

Purge Air Systems are typically used on gas turbines that are equipped to run both liquid and gaseous fuels. High pressure air is pumped through the fuel lines to “purge” any remaining fuel from the lines and any possible contaminants. The pressure used is 20% to 30% higher than the normal operating pressures. In these instances Flowmaster compressible analysis can be used to determine proper flow rates and identify any possible choking locations.

Flowmaster V7 Gas Turbine has advanced components, modelling tools and analysis tools for the Gas Turbine development and systems analysis, including:

Swirl Solver - This solver calculates the swirl generated by rotating components in a gas turbine engine and geometrically induced swirl such as is generated by preswirl nozzles. more>

Secondary Air - With the use of advanced cavity components and cavity wizard, Flowmaster utilises the swirl solver to simulate the secondary air systems of gas turbine engines more>

Multi-Fluid Simulation - Model the mixing and/or separation of multiple liquids or gases. This capability enables fuel system engineers to model the vent lines and inerting systems of gas turbine fuel systems and IGCC power plants more>

Many of today’s leading gas turbine manufacturers use Flowmaster to test designs and run simulations earlier in the development process to reduce prototyping costs, improve quality, promote repeatability of designs and ultimately speed up gas turbine system development. Customers include: Kawasaki Heavy Industries, GE, Siemens, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Hitachi and Alstom.

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Case Studies

Siemens and Flowmaster working together - for enhanced secondary air systems

Flowmaster is successfully applied for the prediction of flow rates, pressures and temperatures in Siemens' gas turbine secondary air systems. Calculation methods and correlations were developed for the secondary air flow through the rotating blades. Flowmaster has been extended by writing ECMs to make it applicable for this. This work has resulted in a design model that enables complete cooling and sealing air flows to be studied.