Flowmaster V7 for
Power Generation Applications

Gas Turbine - Combined Cycle - Fossil Fuels - Nuclear - Hydro-Electric - Geothermal
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Meeting the needs of your industry

For an industry, that is currently in a rapid state of development, power companies need to be able to complete design and testing within tight time frames to remain competitive.
Flowmaster provides power generation system engineers with powerful software tools to speed up the development of safe, reliable and efficient thermo-fluid systems across a range of application areas.

Flowmaster V7 is used to simulate systems performance and optimisation of both new and existing power plants. Sometimes it is a simple case of understanding how a cooling water system will behave if a main supply valve is slammed shut. Other times you may need to design the whole system and understand how it will affect others that it interacts with. Flowmaster makes this practical to do.

By simulating the system in the virtual environment, different system configurations can be compared and more accurate component selection / sizing to meet your design goals and reduce your projects capital expenditure. Flowmaster allows you to quantify your system performance and quickly assess its feasibility and provide design assurance with lower risk

The wide range of solver capabilities and supplied loss and performance data enables users to build models and run simulations quicker and easier than ever before.