ESTECO is the world's leading supplier of multi-disciplinary and multi-objective design optimisation software. ESTECO is a strategic supplier of integration and optimisation platforms to many leading companies including EADS, Airbus, BAE Systems, Toyota, Ferrari, DaimlerChrysler, AUDI, BMW, Electrolux and Ford.


modeFRONTIER™ provides a powerful and easy to use solution to include CAE software into an integrated design chain where CAD, FEM, CFD, cost prediction and Six-Sigma design are used simultaneously and in a distributed environment to push the envelope in product development.

modeFRONTIER™ includes a wide range of numerical methods for DOE, Robust Design, Optimisation and data-modelling. A powerful pst-processing and easy to use process flow integration greatly enhance both the engineers as well as the decision maker capability automating frequent tasks while filtering only useful information.