Flowmaster V7 for
Oil & Gas Applications

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Loading / Unloading Systems

Loading & unloading systems are essential to ensuring the safe delivery of offshore oil and natural gas to onshore processing facilities, tank farms, and pipelines. 

These system can present significant challenges to design engineers due to the variable nature that they will often operate at including difficult inlet conditions, a range of possible fluids, and various tank sizes. 

This combined with the differing working heights and effective volumes require the same loading & unloading system to reliably support an extremely wide range of flow requirements.  

Loading / Unloading System

Flowmaster V7 gives engineers the ability to understand the effects that these changes have on the pressures and flow rates in the system so that it will operate as expected.  Engineers can also investigate many of the dynamic scenarios that are a part of operating this type of system including emergency breakaway or decoupling, repeated start-up and shutdown of the pumps, and valve dynamics to understand and help eliminate possible pressure surge issues.

Pumping Stations

Pumping stations are essential to be able to move the liquids through the pipeline.  It is extremely important to ensure that the pumps selected are large enough to move the required amount of liquid but to do it in the most efficient manner to save on operating costs.  Flowmaster V7 allows engineers to  investigate design options including the use of parallel pump configurations, booster pumps, and emergency backup pumps.

Tank Farms

The use of tank farms to ensure a reliable supply of fuel and to reduce price volatility in a seasonal market, involves a complex supply network to and from the tank farm. Flowmaster V7 provides engineers with the ability to identify any potential problems during filling and emptying and to understand how fluid moves around a system reducing potential problems and system failures.


Flowmaster V7 allows engineers to:

  • Perform pressure surge (water hammer) analysis
    Use small time steps to accurately simulate fast transients

  • Understand the fully elastic behaviour of pipelines

  • Size and optimise components and pipes

  • Perform failsafe scenarios and planning (rapid valve closure, sudden pump trip)