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Compressor Stations

As the demand for natural gas is constantly changing, organisations need to be flexible in their abilities to deliver the required amount of gas at the right time.  Compressor stations play a vital part in meeting this requirement as the stations act as the “heart” of the pipeline system, pumping the gas through the system. 

Having a well designed compressor station allows organisations to meet the varying needs of their customers while ensuring associated operating costs are minimised.

Flowmaster V7 allows engineers to quickly construct detailed models of the complex piping configurations inside of compressor stations.  Flowmaster V7 uses built-in loss data from DS Miller’s Internal Flow Systems for many of the loss components of a compressor station such as bends, junctions, and valves.

Whether constructing a new compressor station on a new pipeline or simply reconfiguring an existing station, engineers can easily analyse the system to ensure minimal pressure loss from the outlet of the compressors to the station discharge point.

Once the compressors are operational it is equally important to make sure that they are running as efficiently as possible while maintaining a high level of safety.  This can be a challenging task due to the changing requirements. 

Flowmaster V7 allows engineers to:

  • Determine where to make physical improvements to a pipeline
  • More effectively handle scheduled and unscheduled outages
  • Reduce fuel usage during off-peak periods
  • Maximize the usage of pipeline capacity