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Meeting the needs of your industry

The need to design safe, reliable and efficient systems across a range of applications is of paramount importance within the Oil & Gas industry.  The astronomical cost of downtime combined with the high safety requirements are driving organisations to reduce uncertainty through the use of simulation. 

There are many risks associated with Oil and Gas Processing.  If a system fails it can be devastating on both the environment and the personnel operating in these challenging conditions, therefore safety regulations are of paramount importance.  Engineers need to be confident when designing a system - whether it’s transporting oil along long pipelines on the sea bed, or designing a water injection system - that the system will operate, correctly and reliably.  Testing can be very difficult, especially to simulate real world operating conditions, therefore in a tightly regulated and pressurised industry, Flowmaster can provide the reassurance engineers need.

Understanding the effects on a system either at the beginning of the design process, or during maintenance, not only significantly reduces an organisations costs but can also minimise the risk associated if things go wrong.  Flowmaster offers users the ability to validate new system designs, design retrofits to an existing system and trouble shoot potential problems – removing the uncertainty of thermo-fluid systems.

Flowmaster V7 provides users with a powerful tool to investigate pressure surge, pressure drop, flow rate, temperature and system response times, quickly and easily.  Users can build complete models of liquid and gaseous systems to design out pressure surges and to size pipes, pumps and valves in both transient and steady state conditions.

Oil & Gas Customers include: BP Exploration, British Pipeline Agency, ESSO, Foster Wheeler, Gas de Strasbourg, Larsen Oil & Gas Ltd., PPL Shipyard Pte. Ltd., Single Buoy Mooring, Tokyo Gas Company Ltd., Tractebel Industrie SA.