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Flowmaster announces new distributor for Taiwan

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Flowmaster V7 Plant & Piping System Simulation

Flowmaster announces the next software release V7.8, due in Q2 2011 for the Plant & Piping industries. Specifically designed to meet the needs of the Natural Gas, Compressor Station and Chemical Processing markets this release will include a combination of new pre-processing and integration tools and enhanced simulation capabilities.

New pre-processing tools:

  • Surface Fitting Enhancements
  • Integration of NIST REFPROP for All Fluids
  • Pipe Schedule Pipe Definition
  • Pipe Profile Input & Post-Processing
  • Cvloss for Incompressible Valves & Curve Creator
  • Additional Pipeline Heat Transfer Options

New integration tools:

  • 3D CAD Piping Import Tool using standard PCF or IDF files
  • GIS Import Tool using Shape files

Enhanced simulation capabilities:

  • Compressible Analysis with Enthalpy
  • Update of All Thermally Active Components
  • New Slow Transient Pipe with Joule-Thomson Effect
  • New Fast Transient Pipe with Joule-Thomson Effect
  • Compressible Check Valve

For further information and to receive updates on Flowmaster V7.8 Plant & Piping, please click here >

Flowmaster USA Signs a New Distributor, ESSS in South America

Flowmaster USA is pleased to announce a distributor agreement with ESSS - Engineering Scientific Simulation Software to supply Flowmaster V7 Software and Services to South America for thermo-fluid system simulation. 

ESSS has built up a base of more than 200 customers since its simulation solutions business started in 1995. These customers are based in Brazil and other South American countries and span industries such as Oil & Gas, Turbo Machinery, Automotive, Aerospace, Power Generation and Manufacturing.

Ken Kantor, Regional Manager, Flowmaster USA said:

 “Flowmaster USA is pleased to have formed a relationship with a well suited, technically strong and established partner in ESSS to grow Flowmaster solutions in South America.  ESSS and Flowmaster USA have a similar approach to consultative sales; helping customers solve their simulation challenges. ”

Flowmaster USA’s representative’s Ken Kantor and Julianna Kovacs, and Engineering Manager, Shayne Ziegler, presented at the CAE Auto 2010 conference on April 28, 2010 hosted by ESSS in Sao Paulo.  Flowmaster V7 capabilities for system simulation were presented in conjunction with other case studies and software solutions to over 50 attendees from a variety of automotive companies. 

Flowmaster USA also presented with ESSS at the Oil & Gas Road Show on April 29, 2010 in Rio de Janeiro. Technical Demonstrations included a Water Hammer Benchmark with Flowmaster and Fluent, Offshore Oil Terminal, Chilled Water System and other Advanced Capabilities in Flowmaster V7.  These conferences were part of a kick off tour with Flowmaster and ESSS visiting customer sites throughout Brazil.

Julianna Kovacs, Business Sector Manage r- Process Industries, Flowmaster USA, said of the conference and visit:

 “Flowmaster capabilities for performing system level simulation allow engineers to evaluate performance at every stage of the design process. The Oil & Gas Industry attendees, specifically Petrobras, identified the many applications for using Flowmaster independently or in conjunction with software they currently use that ESSS provides to improve their design processes. 

“Flowmaster adds value to many industries – one particular strength of the software for instance is accurate transient analysis for pressure surge in the Oil & Gas and Process Industries for liquid or gas systems.  We look forward to growing our relationship with ESSS and creating a strong partnership”

Click here to visit ESSS website:

Flowmaster announces the launch of the Software Development Kit (SDK) for Flowmaster V7 4 May 2010

Opening up Flowmaster V7 with a suite of tools to enable customers even greater customisation, extension, automation and integration; further shortening development times and increasing profitability.

The Flowmaster V7 SDK has been developed to put the same tools our developers use into the hands of our customers. The Development Kit gives customers a suite of tools to enable Customisation, Extension, Automation and Integration of Flowmaster V7 within product development and product lifecycle processes. Increasing the openness and interoperability of the software allows Flowmaster V7 to be fully integrated, and offers customers the opportunity to take a multi-disciplinary approach to these processes. Using the tools provided Flowmaster can be embedded within existing systems to facilitate the re-use of knowledge, to encourage simulation driven design and to provide for greater sharing of findings in a safe and controlled environment. Available now, the SDK combines Product Functionality with Training and Documentation to enable users to adopt Flowmaster V7 in a fully integrated, multi-disciplinary approach.

“We are incredibly excited about this release, as it further increases the openness and interoperability of Flowmaster V7. Our customers have been integrating Flowmaster with other product development tools for many years but the SDK enables greater collaboration, improved simulation and testing and
ease of use for non-Systems Engineers. Flowmaster V7 is built upon a very modern technology platform, our customers asked us to help them take advantage of this, and the SDK is a suite of tools developed in response to this request.”

Morgan Jenkins, Product and Marketing Director, Flowmaster Limited.
Press Release

The Software Development Kit (SDK) technology and documentation will be available to existing customers immediately and will be part of any new purchase of Flowmaster V7 moving forward. Customers will be able to attend advanced training modules at their local Flowmaster representative offices or on-site from later this month.




TENSOR and Flowmaster sign Distribution Agreement for Romania and Bulgaria
3 March 2010

Flowmaster is pleased to announce a distribution agreement with TENSOR to supply Flowmaster V7 software within Romania and Bulgaria.

Bucharest based TENSOR, founded in 1996, is a well established CAE company in Romania.  Successfully selling CAE products and services, beginning with the well-known CFD tool ANSYS Fluent, TENSOR is currently a certified reseller of the complete ANSYS FEA & CFD products suite.

Flowmaster Group CEO, Alan Berry explains: ‘Having a dedicated distributor for Romania and Bulgaria will ensure that customers receive unparalleled sales and support for Flowmaster V7 in this region.  We understand that our customers, considering the nature of most of their engineering projects, require a reliable and efficient support service accessible when they need it.  By developing our distributor network and expertise, we can ensure that all of our customers receive the same high standard of care, expected by our users.”

TENSOR has previously operated as a sub distributor for Flowmaster therefore has previous experience and expertise in providing Flowmaster solutions. TENSOR General Manager, Cristina Oprea, explains: “Adding Flowmaster to our product portfolio ensures TENSOR is able to provide our customers with a comprehensive suite of CAE tools.  We already have experience of Flowmaster and understand the value that thermo-fluid system simulation can provide.  We look forward to working with Flowmaster to serve our customers across a wide range of industries with a leading thermo-fluid system simulation solution.”


Flowmaster GmbH and PhilonNet Engineering Solutions sign Distribution Agreement for Greece and Republic of Cyprus
27 January 2010

Flowmaster is pleased to announce a distribution agreement with Athens based PhilonNet Engineering Solutions to supply Flowmaster V7 software within Greece and the Republic of Cyprus.

"This new partnership broadens Flowmaster’s availability within this region, enabling us to offer the comprehensive range of Flowmaster V7 products, technical support and services to a wide range of industries within the Greek and Cypriot market place" explains Alan Berry, CEO Flowmaster Group.

PhilonNet is a certified ANSYS reseller and direct distributor of LSTC and other complimentary CAE software and services.  “The recent addition of Flowmaster V7 to our product portfolio compliments the ANSYS CFX and Fluent CFD solutions and will open new market opportunities for PhilonNet in industries such as Energy, Oil and Gas and Marine.” explains Johannes Heydenreich, VP, PhilonNet Engineering Solutions.

PhilonNet operates in a wordwide network of companies with similar focus and as a member of this network, the TechNet Alliance, it is capable of offering anything from a simple license to complete solutions, including hardware, software, networks, training, consulting, engineering and support, as well as outsourcing, operations and maintenance.

In December 2009, PhilonNet held its second HVAC seminar, titled "Concepts & Simulations of Air Flow in Buildings, Tunnels and Ships", in Athens together with Airflow Consulting AG (AFC) from Switzerland. The agenda covered multiple aspects of air flows in buildings, tunnels and ships such as energy, comfort, air quality and safety, which were demonstrated with examples from Greek and international construction projects conducted by AFC and PhilonNet.

Visual results from Computation Fluid Dynamics (CFD) analysis gave realistic impressions of air and thermal flows in buildings and ships, as well as smoke distributions in case of fire. Computer simulations of evacuations showed what-if studies and their influence on final project results. Flowmaster was introduced as a software engineering tool for the layout and conceptual design of thermo-fluid systems with pipes, pumps, heat exchangers, compressors, valves etc., which are the backbone of any HVAC or fire safety system. More than 40 attendees from Greek industries and Academia enjoyed an informative afternoon and animated discussions.


Flowmaster Group Strengthens Automotive Team
4 January 2010

Flowmaster Group has strengthened its automotive team by the appointment of Steve Streater as Industry Product Manager with a focus on Ground Transportation.

Steve Streater is a Chartered Engineer and studied Mechanical & Production Engineering at Brighton University, and more recently completed an MBA at University of Reading.   

Steve’s previous role was Senior Project Manager with MAHLE Powertrain Ltd (Northampton, UK) where his principal responsibility was leading gasoline engine design & development projects for Chinese OEMs. 

Steve brings to Flowmaster 25 years of experience in the automotive industry, with over 15 years of this with Ricardo UK operating in technical and project management / commercial roles.  During this time he has worked on a wide range of projects ranging from passenger car cooling system design and development, to creating diesel-electric hybrid vehicle demonstrators. 

Morgan Jenkins, Product and Marketing Director explains “The automotive sector is an important industry for Flowmaster.  Steve brings a great deal of experience and expertise to Flowmaster and working with our customers, will help define the future development of Flowmaster V7 Automotive.”