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AxisTech Company Ltd and Flowmaster GmbH sign Distribution Agreement for Russia & CIS
23 October 2009

Flowmaster are pleased to announce that AxisTech Company Ltd, a Russian engineering solutions provider, have signed a distribution agreement for Flowmaster V7 software for the Russian and CIS market.

"This new partnership enables us to offer the full range of Flowmaster V7 products, technical support and services to a broad range of industries within the Russian and CIS market place" explains Alan Berry, CEO Flowmaster Group.

"One of the key attributes of Flowmaster V7 is its ability to reduce an organisation‘s development time to market - with the possibility of product validation in the early stages of the design cycle. It allows for a cost reduction in the design and certification process, particularly important in the gas turbine, power generation, automotive, shipbuilding, oil and gas and aerospace industries. We are delighted that through cooperation with the experienced team at AxisTech Company Ltd we shall be able now to reach into the leading areas of Russian industry to bring them the opportunity of benefitting from Flowmaster V7 and its associated services." concludes Alan Berry. Read Full Press Release >

Flowmaster launches V7.7 across its range of system simulation tools
21 October 2009

Flowmaster, provider of world class system simulation software launches Flowmaster V7.7 across its range of system simulation software tools with specific enhancements to Aerospace and Gas Turbine products.

Flowmaster V7.7 Aerospace
The latest version of the world class software solution for aerospace thermo-fluid system simulation. V7.7 Aerospace includes new advanced functionality to help design fuel systems in line with FAA regulatory performance targets and tools to simplify the simulation of environmental changes in aircraft cockpits and small cabins. Read Full Press Release >

Flowmaster V7.7 Gas Turbine
The latest version of the world class software solution for gas turbine thermo-fluid system simulation. V7.7 Gas Turbine combines new and extended components and capabilities to enable the design and simulation of gas turbine thermo-fluid systems early in the design process, improving gas turbine performance, diving down the development lifecycle. Read Full Press Release >

V7.7 also provides valuable updates across all other Flowmaster products including V7 Automotive and V7 General Systems.


Flowmaster demonstrates Virtual Product Development (VPD) to yield large benefits at low cost

Flowmaster attended the European Automotive Simulation Conference (EASC) in Munich on 6-7 July.

EASC 2009, was organised by ANSYS as the one-stop Automotive Simulation Conference for Road, Rail, Racetrack and Off-Highway Vehicle Engineering.

EASC brought together innovative presentations from the automotive industry, universities and partners and provided a forum for vehicle specialists to exchange and experience information about the latest trends.

Flowmaster presented a paper titled "An Optimised Thermal Design and Development Process" at the conference and also had a stand in the exhibition hall.


Increasing productivity and competitive advantage for Gas Turbine OEMs using System Simulation

Flowmaster Limited are pleased to announce their participating in ASME Turbo Expo 2009, Orlando, FL, June 8th – 12th, the premier event for the Gas Turbine industry. Mike Croegaert, Gas Turbine Product Manager will be presenting ‘Using Flowmaster V7 as your COTS solution for the simulation of your secondary air systems’ on the Expositing Stage, during the Expo Reception at 5pm, June 9th.
ASME Turbo Expo 2009

During the presentation Mike will be describing how Flowmaster has addressed the issues identified with traditional in-house code, by creating a commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) solution that combines an established and validated solver with the usability of a professionally developed and maintained graphical user interface.  Flowmaster V7 Gas Turbine has the flexibility to allow organizations to integrate and secure proprietary data into a powerful easy to use tool that is commercially developed and supported by an international network of fluid systems engineers. 

Click here to read the full press release >

Flowmaster V7.6.2 is available to download from the Customer Portal
13 May 2009

V7.6.2 is a maintenance release adding a new Time Step Calculator (TSC). The TSC makes it much easier for users to undertake water hammer calculations. The TSC calculates the most appropriate timestep to ensure that an incompressible network behaves elastically. To find out more and for full details of the improvements please download the Release Note that is also available from the Customer Portal.

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MpCCI Flowmaster Adaptor
24 April 2009

Flowmaster are pleased to announce the availability of the MpCCI Flowmaster Adaptor, bringing together the speed and robustness of 1D system modelling with the complexity of 3D CFD and CAE tools.

MpCCI (Mesh-based parallel Code Coupling Interface) has been developed by the Fraunhofer-Institute for Algorithms and Scientific Computing (Fraunhofer SCAI) to link a wide variety of simulation programs including the 3D CFD applications, Star-CD (from CD-adapco) and Fluent (from ANSYS).

Fraunhofer SCAI have partnered with Flowmaster Limited to develop a coupling adaptor using MpCCI (Mesh-based parallel Code Coupling Interface) to enable 1D-3D co-simulation between Flowmaster and CFD applications. Flowmaster allows the entire flow system to be simulated whilst CFD applications perform detailed calculations

MpCCI and the MpCCI Flowmaster Adaptor have been developed and are distributed by Fraunhofer SCAI. For more information about the MpCCI Flowmaster Adaptor - please click here >

Click here to read full press release >

Aviation Industry Corporation of China chooses Flowmaster V7 Aerospace to meet future research & development targets
6 April 2009

In response to increased research and development targets the Aviation Industry Corporation of China (AVIC) has chosen Flowmaster V7 Aerospace to be central to all future aircraft development projects, by investing in 15 new Flowmaster V7 Aerospace licenses.

AVIC has selected Flowmaster Value Added Reseller, Hi-Key Technology Corporation Ltd in China, to deliver Flowmaster V7 Aerospace software, training and support as part of a strategic deal to increase the level of early testing and meet critical research and development targets.

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FlowmasterLink for MATLAB V2.0.1
12 March 2009

Flowmaster are pleased to announce the launch of FlowmasterLink for MATLAB V2.0.1 enabling co-simulation between Flowmaster® V7.6 and The Mathworks products MATLAB® and Simulink®.

FlowmasterLink for MATLAB V2.0.1 builds on the previous version to incorporate the additional functionality required for Flowmaster V7.6. This includes login changes to allow the linked Flowmaster process to login to the appropriate database, project and working directory for the Flowmaster network. Additionally, FlowmasterLink for MATLAB updates its support to MATLAB R2008b and Flowmaster V7.6. Click here for full press release >

FlowmasterLink for MATLAB is available for customers to download from the customer portal - click here to login to the Customer Portal >

Flowmaster V7.6.1 is available to download from the Customer Portal
12 February 2009

V7.6.1 is a maintenance release affecting a broad spectrum of functionality, most notably Analysis, Automation, GUI, Pack-Unpack and Upgrade resolutions. Full details of the improvements can be found in the Release Note also available for download from the Customer Portal. We recommend all users upgrade to benefit from over 100 resolutions included in this latest release. Click here to login to the Customer Portal >

Flowmaster France Partnership with EnginSoft France
3 February 2009

In response to our customers’ needs; and in a move to provide an even more cohesive, integrated approach to the delivery and support of CAE tools, Flowmaster Group are pleased to announce the signing of a partnership agreement between Flowmaster France and EnginSoft France with immediate effect.

EnginSoft is a Computer-Aided-Engineering (CAE) consulting company providing software, services, training and research for Virtual Prototyping. They are the primary distributor for the Esteco ModeFrontier optimisation code, for which an interface to Flowmaster has also been recently announced. Employing 120 people, EnginSoft has a turnover in excess of €20 million and is internationally recognised as a leader in its field working with R&D teams from sectors including aerospace, automotive, energy, space, biomedical, rail, naval etc.

Under this agreement, EnginSoft France will assume responsibility for the sales distribution and support of Flowmaster for Southern Europe; France, Italy and Spain. All Flowmaster France personnel have transferred to EnginSoft France to ensure continuity of operation for our customers. The consolidation into one team more than doubles the technical resources available to this region’s Flowmaster customers and increases Flowmaster’s presence within the CAE market. Marie-Christine OGHLY, as the new President of EnginSoft France, is managing the transition of the business activities and staff during the next few weeks.

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Flowmaster V7 Direct Integration node is included with modeFRONTIER v4.1
2 February 2009

Flowmaster partner ESTECO is proud to announce the release of v4.1 of the multi-objective optimization and design environment software, modeFRONTIER. This state of-the-art PIDO tool, written to allow easy coupling to almost any Computer-Aided-Engineering (CAE) tool, is now even more powerful and user-friendly than previous versions.


modeFRONTIER v4.1 includes the new Flowmaster V7 Direct Integration node, which allows Flowmaster users around the world to exploit the most complete optimization software tool available on the market through a seamless interface to the Flowmaster V7.

The type of parameters and results which can be handled by modeFRONTIER™ are those compatible with the GUI Automation API available from Flowmaster V7.5.2 (or later). Parameters from the follow can be optimised:

  • Components
  • Nodes

Simulation data can also be set from within modeFRONTIER™ for both compressible and incompressible simulations.

Click here to view to view how to set up the Flowmaster V7 Direct Integration node in modeFRONTIER.