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'Hands-on' Seminar for V7 Automotive and V7 Aerospace (UK)

To celebrate the arrival of V7 Automotive and V7 Aerospace, Flowmaster held a hands-on seminar that enabled delegates to trial the new software. By using the new software and talking to Flowmaster’s fluid simulation experts, delegates gained a greater understanding to the many benefits Flowmaster would bring to their development process. What’s more, everyone that attended was entitled to a FREE 30 day trial of the software so they could “test drive” all of the new features after the event.

The event was attended by a good number of industry leaders interested in using Flowmaster for a wide variety of fluid and thermal system applications.

The event was a great success and we would like to thank all those that attended.

Press Release: Flowmaster Launches the First Industry Specific System Simulation Product to the Automotive Industry

May 2007, Northamptonshire UK

Flowmaster are pleased to announce the launch of the Automotive variant of their flagship product Flowmaster V7.

This technology rich architecture supports Flowmaster’s vision within the automotive industry to: fully support the Digital Car, bringing analysts and designers together to facilitate collaboration and enable thermo-fluid system design at an Enterprise level.

“Undoubtedly, the role of the automotive systems analyst is shifting; they are being tasked with helping to define new methodologies and manage the integration of these into the design process, in addition, they still need to work on complex design issues! This natural progression highlights interesting new challenges, for example: How can design rules and methodologies be captured? How can complex models be ‘locked down’ for use by less experienced engineers? Which results are associated with each model configuration? Flowmaster V7 Automotive leads you down this path whilst empowering engineers to share data in a secure collaborative environment.” says Automotive Product Manager, Morgan Jenkins.

The product is the realisation of four years development. Working closely with automotive organisations around the world to understand their challenges, Flowmaster has defined a solution that will solve many of their problems. All this functionality is built upon a modern software architecture that facilitates a powerful and flexible approach to integration and customisation, where a true competitive advantage can be realised.

Dozens of new automotive components have been introduced along with advanced tools that enable the analyst to quickly find, manipulate and audit the data used within any simulation. A powerful database manages the knowledge and facilitates collaboration amongst design teams within a secure, auditable environment.  As ever, Flowmaster V7 Automotive has been developed within rigorous quality standards, ISO9001 and TickIT audited by DNV, and all models are upwardly compatible from the prior release.

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Flowmaster Automotive R1, the first industry specific system simulation software has been launched at VTMS 8 on 20-24 May 2007

VTMS 8 attracted OEM’s and Tiered Suppliers from around the world, looking at the research and technological advances in the field of heat transfer, passenger comfort and the management of thermal systems within the vehicle. 

During the exhibition, delegates were able to talk to Flowmaster staff, trial the new software and understand how Flowmaster is currently being used within the automotive industry.  The launch events were very well attended and provided a valuable insight into the development of V7 Automotive R1, its features and benefits and provided a live product demonstration. 

If you were unable to attend the launch and would like to learn more about Flowmaster V7 Automotive R1, please click here to contact our sales division. Flowmaster would like to thank all those who attended and hope that you enjoyed the event.

Press Release: Flowmaster to Showcase New Aerospace System Simulation Software
at the Paris Air Show

April 2007, Northamptonshire UK

Paris Air Show 2007 sees the launch of Flowmaster V7 Aerospace R1 - new dedicated aerospace thermo/fluid system simulation software that significantly benefits the way organisations implement the design and simulation of systems throughout their development process.

This new release of Flowmaster brings major improvements in the modelling of fuel, hydraulic and environmental control systems. V7 Aerospace R1 incorporates a catalogue of industry-tailored components and enables users to build and customise their own component catalogues - reducing project time and improving the quality and repeatability of initial designs.

Flowmaster V7 enables organisations to integrate system simulation software within their existing CAE tools, providing an integrated simulation approach and a robust core for fluid system design processes.

Powerful security and accessibility controls ensure that the right engineers have the appropriate levels of accessibility, ensuring simulation data and component models can be safely shared across your organisation and supply chain.

According to Jason Burke, Flowmaster Aerospace Product Manager,

“This new version of Flowmaster will give aerospace users unprecedented capabilities in modelling, as well as leveraging the vast amounts of information generated by it.”

This new software will be on display at exhibit #13 in the Le Conseil Général des Hauts de Seine area of the Paris Air Show – the Flowmaster team will be demonstrating its new capabilities and discussing the benefits to the development process and information management.

Full press release

Press Release: The Next Generation in System Simulation Software is Launched

March 2007, Northamptonshire UK

Flowmaster Group are proud to announce the release of their next generation system simulation software, Flowmaster V7.

Designed for analysts and design engineers desktops, Flowmaster V7 is system simulation software that takes into account the complex internal flow and thermal effects within systems through the relationships of pressure drop, flow rate and temperature difference across various components. A library of standard components and suite of generic ‘building block’ components make it possible for engineers to model and simulate these systems rapidly and so validate and optimise them at the concept phase of development before any 3D data is available.

The configurable nature of this next generation product enables expert users to capture their knowledge in the software.  This means that simulations can be performed safely in controlled conditions by a wider range of engineers, providing a higher quality of rapid system development.  Its advanced virtual modelling system enables engineers to carry out complex simulations throughout their development process, enhancing design decisions.

“In providing frameworks to allow the powerful capabilities of system simulation to be used more readily across the enterprise we believe that there are enormous possibilities.”
said Richard Tickle, CEO of Flowmaster Group.
“The ability for expert simulation analysts to effectively transfer knowledge and tasks to designers in a controlled way will revolutionise the use of system simulation.”

Flowmaster’s new software architecture will enable organisations to integrate system simulation software within their existing CAE solutions.  Flowmaster V7 offers unique integration possibilities and greater scope for collaboration across organisations and supply chains, assisting organisations to shorten product development cycles, increase productivity and maximise profits.

Full press release

Flowmaster to Discuss Military Ground-vehicle Cooling System Standardization at 2007 SAE World Congress

Flowmaster engineers will discuss the standardization of cooling systems for military ground vehicle applications at the upcoming 2007 World Congress and Exposition, presented by the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE).

The 2007 SAE World Congress and Exposition will take place April 16-19, 2007, Detroit, MI, USA. For more detail regarding our presentation at this event and other ground vehicle applications, please email Neil Slyva.