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Flowmaster to discuss Intelligent Fluid Networks at Naval Propulsion Symposium

Shayne Ziegler, Technical Manager of Flowmaster USA will present: "Using Fluid Network Simulation to Evaluate Intelligent Fluid Automation Systems" at the 2006 Advanced Naval Propulsion Symposium presented by the American Society of Naval Engineers. The symposium will take place October 30-31, 2006 in Arlington, Virginia in the US.

The presentation will outline a new class of intelligent fluid automation systems, based on smart valve technology, capable of executing automatic damage control and offer the potential to reduce the manpower required to operate the next generation of naval surface combatant - without compromising reliability and combat survivability.

Flowmaster will present an approach for cost-effectively testing intelligent fluid systems in the laboratory – without the need for physical piping system prototypes. This approach involves connecting physical automation system components to a Flowmaster computer model of the fluid system they are intended to control.

For more details regarding this presentation or an abstract, please contact Kelly Champagne.

NDIA Invites Flowmaster to Discuss Military Ground-vehicle Component Standardization

Flowmaster engineers will discuss the standardization of components for military ground vehicle cooling systems at the 9th Annual Systems Engineering Conference, presented by the National Defense Industrial Association (NDIA) - Systems Engineering Division.

"Many of our defense customers are really beginning to unlock the potential of Flowmaster to address their challenges", notes Sudhi Uppuluri, Flowmaster' s Automotive Business Manager, " we look forward to sharing how this particular customer is using Flowmaster to reduce required component inventories."

The NDIA's 9th Annual Systems Engineering Conference will take place October 23-26, 2006, in San Diego California, USA. For more detail regarding our presentation at this event and other military ground vehicle applications, please email Sudhi Uppuluri.

Flowmaster and iSIGHT to discuss Ultra-optimized Cooling Systems at the 2006 SAE Motorsports Engineering Conference & Exposition

Flowmaster and iSIGHT will discuss ultra-optimization of cooling systems for race vehicles during the upcoming 2006 SAE Motorsports Engineering Conference. Entitled, "Ultra-optimizing Cooling Systems for Minimized Peripheral Effects", the presentation will discuss the impact of several system variables and how they interact with the on-track performance of a Formula 1 cooling system and engine with varying operating conditions.

The session will also cover required cooling performance, as well as minimizing the parasitic losses and weight of the cooling system components – including the coolant itself.

The 2006 SAE Motorsports Engineering Conference & Exposition, will take place December 5-7, in Dearborn, MI, USA. For more details or an abstract of our presentation at this event, please email Sudhi Uppuluri.

Flowmaster to discuss ECS optimization at 2006 Aerospace Design Expo

Flowmaster will discuss aircraft ECS optimization during the upcoming 2006 Aerospace Design Expo. Entitled, "Flow Balancing and System Optimization Techniques for Environmental Control Systems", the presentation will address common ECS design challenges, including optimal component sizing as well as designing for temperature and pressure fluctuations. The session will conclude with a case study that utilizes advanced simulation techniques to efficiently determine cabin air flow balance.

"Optimal system design and balancing of airflow is critical for today's aerospace engineers," notes Shayne Ziegler, Flowmaster Application Engineer, "we look forward to sharing our expertise in helping aircraft engineers address their common ECS design challenges."

The 2006 Aerospace Design Expo will take place November 14-16 at the Anaheim Convention Center in Anaheim California, USA. For more details or an abstract of our presentation at this event, please email Kelly Champagne.

Flowmaster to present at SAE Commercial Vehicle Engineering Congress

Flowmaster engineers will make two presentations at the upcoming 2006 Commercial Vehicle Engineering Congress and Exposition, presented by the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE).

The first presentation will address the timely topic of fuel economy calculations and the second will discuss standardization of ground vehicle cooling systems for the military.

“Flowmaster’s expertise modeling vehicle systems is a great fit for the commercial audience,” notes Sudhi Uppuluri, Flowmaster’s Automotive Business Manager, “we look forward to sharing our fluid system optimization experience with commercial vehicle engineers at the presentations.”

The 2006 SAE Commercial Vehicle Engineering Congress and Exposition will take place October 31 through November 2 in Rosemont, Illinois, USA. For more detail regarding our presentations at this event and others, please refer to our Events page.