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Release of Flowmaster2 V6.5

Flowmaster are pleased to announce the release of their latest software, Flowmaster2 V6.5. In this release there are a number of new components, many enhancements and existing users will find that many of their Maintenance Requests have been resolved. Particular highlights at this release include two new components specifically for incorporating data from AVL’s BOOST, EXCITE and EXCITE Designer into Flowmaster cooling and lubrication networks.

“The multidimensional system simulation enabled by interfacing Flowmaster with AVL BOOST and AVL EXCITE helps the development engineer to speed up the design process considerably.” Paul Herster, Product Manager, Advanced Simulation Technologies.

In additional to the technical co-operation with AVL Flowmaster also introduce new components to investigate cavitation in small passages carrying high velocity fluids typical in fuel injection systems. To find out more about these and other new developments at V6.5 please visit the What’s New area on the website.

Japan expand Flowmaster sales team

We are very pleased to announce Mr Taro Oka has joined the Flowmaster sales team at CRC Solutions Corporation in Japan. Mr Oka has been with CRC for 25 years and has a wealth of experience gained in Japan, USA and the UK. Drawing on his education as a nuclear engineer he will make a valuable contribution to the Flowmaster team.

May - Flowmaster at JSAE Exhibition

Flowmaster would like to thank all of the engineers from across Japan who attended our stand at the JSAE 2004 Exhibition in Yokohama. If you missed our latest Under-hood Vehicle Thermal Management Simulation presentations please contact Mr Nobuyuki Yomoda and he will be able to update you.

April 2004 - Flowmaster Seminars Across China

Engineers from China's leading industries attended a series of Flowmaster seminars and industry workshops across China, hosted by Beijing Hikey Technology Corporation, specialists in engineering simulation solutions. Discussions included: how the use of 1D simulation allows for more innovative design and advanced problem solving capabilities in complex piping systems, much earlier in the design process and often before any CAD geometry is available.

Following on from the success of these events more are being planned for 2004, if you would like to know more please contact Mr Wang Yongjun for details of events in your province.

New Flowmaster distributor for Turkey

The Flowmaster Group are very pleased to announce a new distribution agreement with Anova Ltd. to sell and support Flowmaster. Anova was founded in 2003 to provide advanced engineering fluid mechanics solutions in Turkey. Spanning a wide range of industries including Aerospace and Defence, Automotive, Household Products, Turbo Machinery, Marine and Academia, Anova assists its clients in product development by means of software sales, technical support and consultancy in collaboration with market leaders like Flowmaster, Fluent and Gridgen. Prior to working at Anova, their staff has gained vast industrial experience in fluid mechanics and hold various patents. Anova serves its local and international clients with its main office in Istanbul and a branch office in Ankara.

Find Anova details in our Contact Us section

Flowmaster USA open a branch office in Detroit

Flowmaster USA are pleased to announce the opening of their Detroit office on 1 April 2004, which will be the Automotive Operations for North and South America.

Hotline/ telephone support will continue to be managed through their Chicago office, the headquarters of Flowmaster USA.

Find the Detroit office contact details in our Contact Us section.

"The Detroit office is an exciting opportunity for us to be close to our automotive customers. We are starting to see a dynamic growth in system analysis, especially heat transfer and thermal interactions underhood as the 2007 regulations approach. We are proud to present to the automotive industry, a complete underhood system analysis package with a strong local presence and experienced support team helping our customers be successful."

Sudhi Uppuluri, Automotive Business Manager

New Sales Office for Flowmaster in South Korea

The Flowmaster Group are pleased to announce the launch of Flowmaster Korea. An organisation solely dedicated to the sales and support of Flowmaster 1D simulation software.

Flowmaster Korea, with full support from the Flowmaster Group of companies, will continue to expand the already wide use of 1D fluid flow simulation software in Asia.

With over 7 years of Flowmaster experience, working with many of South Koreas leading organisations, Mr Lee and his team will be pleased to listen to your simulation needs and help you to find solutions that help you make a difference.

Find Flowmaster Korea contact details in our Contact Us section.

"2004 will be an exciting year for simulation technology in South Korea. The economy is growing and organisations are faced with many challenges, including the need to do more in less time, whilst raising quality and lowering costs. Flowmaster Korea will provide our customers with a superior service, singularly dedicated to fluid flow and thermal system simulation, helping them to use simulation technology to meet and exceed some of their business challenges.”

Mr Woong Kee Lee, Managing Director