Flowmaster V7 for
Marine Applications

Passenger Ships - Yachts - Frieghters - Naval Ships - Submarines
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Potable Water Systems

Fresh (potable) water and grey water (waste) distribution systems for surface and sub surface craft can be virtually designed to ensure both systems are capable of meeting the demands placed upon them in operation.

Flowmaster V7 is used by systems engineers to design and simulate a ship's entire Potable Water System providing valuable information to a system designer. This type of system analysis reveals system performance early in the design phase so that changes can be made at the most cost effective time.

Scenarios you could investigate using Flowmaster

  • Calculating pressure drops for any part of your system
  • Sizing valves
  • Sizing pumps
  • Troubleshooting and eliminating any design issues before instalation
  • Updating and enhance existing designs