Flowmaster V7 for
Marine Applications

Passenger Ships - Yachts - Frieghters - Naval Ships - Submarines
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Fire Suppression Systems

On ships, submarines and platforms a properly operating fire protection system is essential as it is often impossible for any external help to reach them. The correct pipe sizing for such large systems can be very complex which is why the Flowmaster V7 Flow Balancing Module is designed to quickly size these systems based on user specified flow rates, ensuring the required discharge flow rates at the nozzles.

Fire suppression systems

An engineer could use a Flowmaster V7 simulation and Flow Balancing analysis to calculate the orifice plate diameters necessary to achieve a specified flow rates through each sprinkler nozzle. By entering only the pipe diameter and volumetric flow rate the engineer can use the Flow Balancing analysis to determine the diameters required for each of the orifice plate component for the system to meet design specification.

Key Hydraulics Modelling & Simulation Features:

  • Transient and Steady State analysis
  • Library of hydraulics system components
  • Ability to carry out frequency domain post processing
  • Flow balancing module for regulating system flow rates

Case Studies

Naval Surface Warfare Center Utilize Flowmaster to Validate Next Generation Fluid Control Systems

The Naval Surface Warfare Center (NSWC) investigate an approach for testing smart valve based fluid automation systems in the laboratory, without the need for physical piping systems. This approach involves connecting physical automation system components to a computer simulation of the fluid system. To prove the concept and to be able to quickly evaluate how robust the control algorithm is before they are ever actually put on a ship, NSWC run simulations that would allow them to test many different scenarios.