Flowmaster V7 for
Marine Applications

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Meeting the needs of your industry

In this highly competitive industry the race to win large shipbuilding and defence contacts can make or break the future of a shipyard. Therefore the ability to quickly and accurately determine the cost and time projections of a project can significantly help shipbuilders in the proposal and tendering stages to win contracts as concept designs can be simulated with higher levels of confidence and ensure your proposals are competitive.

Military and commercial shipbuilders alike are subjected to the same business pressures - build a vessel that will cost less to operate for a lower initial cost and deliver it in less time. Whether your task is to design and build a new chilled water system for the next generation battleship or life extend / update an aging engine cooling system, your ability to understand the behaviour of your on-board fluid systems for a range of operating conditions will ensure you have the optimum design, not just technically but commercially as well.

To meet these challenges shipbuilders and their suppliers are using the advances in computer aided engineering techniques to ensure more exacting customer requirements can be met with increased reliability, for less cost. Flowmaster V7 fluid systems simulation environment allows you to de-risk programmes, lower operating costs, minimise material costs and improve customer confidence, by:

  • Evaluating different system architectures to provide the most cost effective option
  • Optimising designs to deliver cost effective solutions
  • Ensuring systems meet performance criteria before ordering long lead time items and manufacture
  • Providing quantitative results to your customers that on-board fluid systems will perform to specification

By simulating the system in the virtual environment, different system configurations can be compared and more accurate component selection / sizing to meet your design goals and reduce your projects capital expenditure. Flowmaster V7 allows you to quantify your system performance and quickly assess its feasibility and provide design assurance with lower risk

Marine Customers include: BAE Systems Marine Ltd, Babcock Marine, Meyer Werft, Northrop Grumman, SEMT Pielstick, Samsung Heavy Industries and Thales Naval Ltd