Flowmaster V7 Overview

Flowmaster® V7 is 1D Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) software that allows thermo fluid system engineers to model and analyse the fluid mechanics and pipe flow in complex systems earlier in the development process.

By simulating pressure surge, temperature and fluid flow rates system-wide, engineers use Flowmaster V7 to understand how design alterations, component size, selection and operating conditions will affect the overall fluid system performance.

Advanced Thermo-fluid System Modelling & Simulation

Versatile Transient Solver - Fast Batch Simulations - In-built Empirical Data - Secure Traceable Data - Extendable Open Architecture

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Key Software Capabilities

Advanced Thermo-fluid System Modelling & Simulation

  • Pressure surge analysis, temperature and fluid flowrate prediction

  • Versatile Steady State and Transient simulation of Incompressible and Compressible systems with Heat Transfer analysis

  • Extensive catalogue of component models - Inbuilt empirical data

  • Fast batch simulation analysis

  • Pipe Flow balancing for optimising component sizes

  • Customisable components

  • Multi-fluid simulation, secondary air and air conditioning

Secure Traceable Data & Design Collaboration

  • Secure storage of networks, performance data, components and results in an industry standard relational database

  • Audit trail & tracking of model design history with ‘roll back’ functionality

  • Administration controls for user access permissions to project data

  • Database synchronisation to enable engineers to work safely onsite, offline from the server

Optimisation of System Designs & Development Processes
System Integration | Software Co-simulation

  • Customise and extend Flowmaster V7 to better fit the development process by embedding intellectual property to model bespoke systems.

  • Using Flowmaster V7 extendable open architecture, it can be integrated with product development tools and systems, including optimisation codes modeFRONTIER and iSight. Automate tasks by using Flowmaster’s automation technologies to batch run parametric studies and digital prototype testing procedures.

  • Co-simulate with other leading CAE/CFD tools such as MATLAB, STAR-CD, FLUENT ® to optimise overall system performance and aid component development and selection.