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MpCCI Flowmaster Adaptor

Flowmaster in now part of Mentor Graphics, Mechanical Analysis Division. Mentor Graphics offers FloEFD™, a fully CAD Embedded 3D CFD software. The MpCCI Flowmaster Adaptor allows Flowmaster to co-simulate with 3D CFD applications through MpCCI (Mesh-based parallel Code Coupling Interface). The MpCCI Flowmaster Adaptor brings together the speed and robustness of 1D system modelling with the complexity of 3D CFD.

The MpCCI Flowmaster Adaptor enables multidisciplinary, multifunctional project teams to understand how various simulation models interact with each other and assess the impact of each sub system has on the overall system performance.

MpCCI overcomes the challenges inherent of co-simulation - complex hardware requirements and challenging software engineering requirements - by using adapters which utilise Flowmaster API’s to establish a direct connection between the MpCCI Coupling Server and the 3D CFD code. Flowmaster facilitates this via COM controllers (gauges and controllers) which are able to send and receive data to and from MpCCI.

MpCCI and the MpCCI Flowmaster Adaptor have been developed and are distributed by Fraunhofer-Institute for Algorithms and Scientific Computing (Fraunhofer SCAI) to support Abaqus, ANSYS, Flowmaster, Fluent, Flux, ICEPAK, MSC.Marc, Permas, StarCD and RadTherm amongst others.

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MpCCI's modular architecture

Flowmaster 1D and 3D Co-simulation