System Integration & Software Co-simulation

Flowmaster offers a range of advanced tools and support resources that allow you to integrate Flowmaster V7 into your existing product development tools and systems.

Coupling and Co-simulating with existing industry standard 3D CFD/CAE codes and control software is made possible using Flowmaster’s advanced coupling software applications.

System Integration

Customise and Extend Flowmaster to better fit your development processes by embedding your intellectual property or in-house code to model bespoke systems and achieve a best-in-class process.

Using Flowmaster V7 open API’s you can integrate with product development tools and systems, including optimisation codes modeFRONTIER and iSight. Automate tasks by using Flowmaster’s automation technologies to batch run parametric studies and digital prototype testing procedures.

Solutions for Customising & Extending Flowmaster Integration

The Flowmaster V7 Software Development Kit (SDK)
For those customers who wish to integrate Flowmaster into their existing systems,  an advanced suite of support resources, technology tools and advanced training is available: the Flowmaster SDK more >

Flowmaster V7 SDK

Software Co-simulation

“Co-simulation” (co-operative simulation) is a simulation methodology that allows individual components to be simulated by different simulation tools running simultaneously and exchanging information in a collaborative manner.

Co-simulate with other leading CAE/CFD tools such as MATLAB, STAR-CD, FLUENT ® to optimise overall system performance.

Solutions for Co-simulation

MpCCI Flowmaster Adaptor - Co-simulating with 3D CFD software more >

FlowmasterLink for MATLAB® - Co-simulate with MATLAB® more >

1D CFD to 3D CFD Coupling
"We chose Flowmaster, as our fluid systems simulation package, due to its ease of use and its ability to successfully integrate with our current 3D-CAD and CFD design packages. Flowmaster has also given us the ability to link to a mooring simulation package, completing the Wavegen Design Suite."

Henry Jeffrey, Design & Development Engineer, Wavegen Design Group