Case Studies - Water

Welcome to the Water industry case study section. Here you will find a wide variety of stories, showcasing the successes our customers have experienced using Flowmaster for different water applications.

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Biwater Treatment achieves a positive result to a negative transient pressure challenge

Biwater reduce the frequency of the backwash cycle from typically 5 minutes to over 60 minutes and ensured that clean safe water can be produced as economically as possible. The use of Flowmaster reduced the time to quantitatively identify the cause of reported problems and investigate cost effective solutions, faster and more accurately than traditional testing.

Société du Canal de Provence avoid large investments in structural renovation by using Flowmaster

During the renovation process of the networks at Rove and Rebuty on the Berre Sud water supply, SCP needed to know if it was appropriate to rebuild the structural casing around the water hammer safety valves installed on a DN 1300 pipe, which had been unsettled by a foundations problem. The aim of the study was to define the use of the safety valve to decide how to renovate the damaged works.