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Welcome to the Process case study section. Here you will find a wide variety of stories, showcasing the successes our customers have experienced using Flowmaster for different Plant & Processing applications.

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Case Study


No Surprises, Please – Lurgi GmbH Optimises its Piping Systems using Flowmaster V7

Chemical plants are continually growing and increasing in complexity. To survive in an extremely competitive market, failures are not allowed. To obtain reliable statements on the behaviour of a plant requires as comprehensive and accurate information as possible. To achieve this level of understanding, the usage of computer simulation is continuing to increase. For more than ten years Lurgi GmbH has used Flowmaster for the simulation and analysis of their complex piping systems.

Improving Accuracy with System Analysis

This case study considers CLYDEUNION Pumps use of Flowmaster to build complex models quickly and accurately, these models are used to give an accurate approximation of the system resistance to ensure they deliver the right pump for the job meeting the head and flow required.

Fluid Power Design apply Flowmaster to high-pressure fluid engineering systems.

Fluid Power Design (FPD), based in Grantham, England is a company that provides engineering solutions. They design and manufacture their own systems and products and supply engineering services to other companies. This case study gives you an overview of how the company uses flowmaster to avoid expensive prototyping programs.

Spectrum Fluid Dynamics investigate surge effects with Flowmaster

Spectrum Fluid Dynamics are consultants in surge and pulsation analysis with experience of measurement and simulation techniques to address surge and pulsation problems. Spectrum use Flowmaster software for all of their surge analysis applications.