Case Studies - Power Generation

Welcome to the Power Generation case study section. Here you will find a wide variety of stories, showcasing the successes our customers have experienced using Flowmaster for different power generation applications.

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Hansen Transmissions

Reducing testing iterations & gaining greater system visibility with Flowmaster V7

Case study describes how Flowmaster V7 is up-front in the design process for the prediction of oil flow distribution in the integrated lubrication systems inside Hansen gearboxes. ensure
optimum operation of the lubricant.

Queensland drought affects power station - Flowmaster helps to engineer a solution!

Flowmaster was used to carry out a complete hydraulic analysis in order to validate it. Flowmaster simulations included a range of operating scenarios from the normal operating modes to extreme power failure conditions. Pressure envelopes, surge tower draw down, pump operation and air valve activities calculated during the Flowmaster simulations were used to further optimise the pipeline design to enhance safe and economical operation.

Commonwealth Edison avoid considerable expense of a major plant rework

Commonwealth Edison's engineers using Flowmaster were able to show that the initial assumption about the cause of the transients was actually incorrect. Therefore, the proposed changes were inappropriate and Commonwealth Edison was then able to avoid the considerable expense of a major plant rework.


Linking Flowmaster with Microsoft Excel: Powerful Tool for GUI Automation and Design Optimisation

Global power company Cummins Inc. has been a thriving Flowmaster customer since 2002. Since then, Cummins has had repeated successes in modelling both cooling and lubrication systems. A great portion of these analyses has been performed by Cummins Research and Technology India Limited (CRTI).  Located in Pune, India, CRTI provides world class mechanical engineering design and analysis for Cummins worldwide.

Siemens and Flowmaster working together - for enhanced secondary air systems

Flowmaster is successfully applied for the prediction of flow rates, pressures and temperatures in Siemens' gas turbine secondary air systems. Calculation methods and correlations were developed for the secondary air flow through the rotating blades. Flowmaster has been extended by writing ECMs to make it applicable for this. This work has resulted in a design model that enables complete cooling and sealing air flows to be studied.