Case Studies - Marine

Welcome to the Marine case study section. Here you will find a wide variety of stories, showcasing the successes our customers have experienced using Flowmaster across a range of different Marine applications.

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Babcock Marine integrates Flowmaster with Excel to Provide a Flexible,
Onboard Simulation Solution.

Babcock Marine were contracted by the Ministry of Defence (MoD) to carry out investigations and propose solutions to frequent component failures within the sea water fire mains systems onboard both the HMS Albion and HMS Bulwark vessels. Utilising Flowmaster’s integration capabilities by linking the software with Microsoft® Excel Babcock Marine could cleverly drive multiple ‘Real World’ testing line-ups. Immediately extracting results from the Flowmaster model, all via one ‘Front End’ diagrammatical spreadsheet.

BAE Systems Submarines' Astute designs for trim and ballast systems

Reliability, safety, operational effectiveness and efficiency (covertness) are key requirements for the Astute Class submarines. BAE Systems Submarines have simulated many of the Astute systems to enhance and de-risk the design. An example includes the trim, ballast and hover systems, which were extensively modelled in Flowmaster to develop and optimise the design to meet the contractual requirements.

Naval Surface Warfare Center Utilize Flowmaster to Validate Next Generation Fluid Control Systems

The Naval Surface Warfare Center (NSWC) investigate an approach for testing smart valve based fluid automation systems in the laboratory, without the need for physical piping systems. This approach involves connecting physical automation system components to a computer simulation of the fluid system. To prove the concept and to be able to quickly evaluate how robust the control algorithm is before they are ever actually put on a ship, NSWC run simulations that would allow them to test many different scenarios.

SEMT Pielstick successfully apply Flowmaster to engine internal and
external flows

SEMT Pielstick successfully apply Flowmaster to engine internal flows and installation external flows. Flowmaster has proved to be an extremely valuable tool in both areas for design validation and optimisation. SEMT Pielstick also found Flowmaster a powerful diagnostic tool during the commissioning phase of several projects.