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Welcome to the Automotive case study section. Here you will find a wide variety of stories, showcasing the successes our customers have experienced using Flowmaster across a range of different automotive applications.
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Added Value Through System Standardisation and Simplicity

This case study describes with testimonial how system simulation with Flowmaster® V7 is an important component of the CAE-concept at AVL GmbH

Lotus Engineering reduces CO2 emissions by 22% using Flowmaster for 'EVE Hybrid' project

The ‘EVE Hybrid’ project used an existing DOHC, 1.6litre, 4 cylinder, NA engine powered production model. Re-engineering this using Flowmaster, Lotus were able to minimise parasitic losses throughout the powertrain design, removing ancillaries and replacing components in order to achieve a viable hybrid solution. In particular the FEAD driven power steering and water pumps were replaced with electrically driven 12v devices.

MAHLE Powertrain delivers new concept engine in less than 12 months

Flowmaster aids the development of MAHLE's own state of the art three-cylinder 1.2-litre downsizing technology demonstrator engine. Flowmaster was used to analyse the pump capacity and drive ratio to minimise pump power consumption at normal engine speed.

Eminox optimise exhaust performance and reduce the number of physical prototypes through the use of Flowmaster

During the development of a mobile crane exhaust system, Eminox carried out a modelling exercise to determine engine flow conditions using Flowmaster. The main benefit of using Flowmaster is speed of design iterations and accuracy, hence saving the number of prototypes required and test time.

Caterpillar Defence Products secures Terrier contract timescales using Flowmaster

Caterpillar Defence Products won a competitive bid for a multimillion-pound contract from the Land Systems business of BAE Systems to provide six powerpacks for the prototype and demonstrator phase of the British Army’s Terrier combat engineer vehicle programme.

ArvinMeritor ADEPT allowing 'non-users' to access Flowmaster

ADEPT illustrates the power and flexibility of Flowmaster as part of a design environment. Called from Microsoft® Excel, it allows non-specialist users to get the simulation power they require without needing to learn another product. A specialist can prepare the models and allow a non-specialist to use them without the ability to modify. Protection can be set on data fields so that only specific parameters can be modified.

Caterpillar and Argonne National Laboratory meet sound regulations with the help of Flowmaster, at a fraction of the cost and time

With confidence in their Flowmaster simulation results, Caterpillar engineers can now simulate many different configurations and scenarios of enclosed engine compartment cooling systems before the testing phase of the design cycle. This means that with the aid of Flowmaster, engineers can now bring the best possible design for off-road machines that meet sound regulations all at the fraction of cost and time.


Cummins design industrial diesel engine cooling systems with Flowmaster

Before designing their new cooling system, it was imperative to have a certain comfort level in the accuracy of the results generated by Flowmaster.  This comfort level was attained by making use of a Flowmaster flow balanced model of the QSK19 gas engine, adding in thermal components and validating against test cell results.  (The QSK19 gas engine base model was flow balanced, or validated against test flow data and adjusted to match the test results.)  The simulation results were within 5% of testing.  Now having a high confidence level of Flowmaster as an accurate simulation tool, Cummins proceeded to use Flowmaster to design a new cooling system.

DaimlerChrysler AG meet stringent performance specifications of their new eight-cylinder diesel engine cooling system using Flowmaster

One month before a major project milestone, final testing on test rigs and in-vehicle were underway when DaimlerChrysler's cooling engineers experienced an unexpected challenge with a specific area of the cooling system: the exhaust-reconducting radiator. Flowmaster's Germany based team were called in for modelling and methodologies advice to help evaluate the technical options available.