Case Studies - Aerospace

Welcome to the Aerospace case study section. Here you will find a wide variety of stories, showcasing the successes our customers have experienced using Flowmaster across a range of different aerospace applications.

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Simulation driven fuel systems design at Airbus

By developing an overall test strategy, which optimises the uses of simulation, rigs and aircraft test, Airbus has reduced the risks associated with system development, and provided an environment which allows rapid and early assessment of fluid mechanical performance.

Flowmaster helps Daher Aeronautics and Defence reduce aircraft ventilation system testing by 30%

Daher model the majority of their system using standard Flowmaster components. For complex duct geometries Daher were able to use several Flowmaster components connected together to represent the characteristics of the physical component.

GE Aircraft Engines successfully use Flowmaster to help their customer optimise heat exchanger design.

Determining the oil temperature operating range of an oil cooled electrical power generator can be a difficult task due to the many parameters that can influence it – such as the variation in power demands and the effectiveness of the oil heat exchanger over its lifetime. However, determining the maximum and minimum oil temperature operating range over a 10 year life cycle is exactly what the engineers at GE Aircraft Engines were asked to do by their airframe customer.

Senior Aerospace BWT Lowers ECS System Design Pressures with Flowmaster

Leading aerospace manufacturing organisation increases its engineering capabilities while reducing project lead times and costs through long term investment in CFD System Simulation software.

Honeywell Normalair Garrett integrate Flowmaster with their data management infrastructure

HNGL has created a data management infrastructure and integrated it with Flowmaster. This design tool has been developed to a level that allows simulation of a complete aircraft hydraulic system. Additionally, a link has been created that allows rapid, accurate and traceable transfer of data from the database to the simulation system.

Sikorsky performs line and component sizing studies to ensure safe fuel jettison and in flight refueling

By using Flowmaster to model and study the Emergency Fuel Jettison system, Sikorsky were able to successfully choose the appropriate system components and observe the impact the smaller line sizes have on their systems.  Within the HIFR system, they were able to ensure that the necessary fuel delivery rate was met in order to successfully refuel the helicopter