Flowmaster V7 for
Automotive Applications

Passenger Cars - Commercial Vehicles - Off Highway - Motorcycles
Requirements Simulation Products Airside Air Conditioning Cooling Exhaust Fuel Lubrication

Software solution: Flowmaster V7 Automotive

Flowmaster V7 Automotive, designed specifically for automotive engineers and analysts, provides a dynamic Thermo-Fluid System Simulation Software solution for the automotive industry. The systems Modelling packages include a wide range of standard and system specific components enabling users to build networks and run simulations quicker and easier than ever before.

Advanced Capabilities

Flowmaster V7 Automotive is built upon the Flowmaster V7 Built upon the Flowmaster V7 platform, V7 Automotive combines the same proven architecture and GUI with specific automotive component libraries and advanced automotive systems modelling functionality.

Advanced Fuel System Modelling & Simulation

  • Globally recognised drive cycles within the performance data catalogue enables transient drive cycles to be simulated.
  • Simulate temperature effects on the fuel rail – for example, bulk modulus
  • Examine individual injector delivery volumes and timing
    (rate shaping)

HVAC System Modelling & Simulation

  • Geometric Heat Exchanger modelling
  • Super Critical AC System ComponentsIn-built R744a (CO2) Correlations for optimising AC systems using the latest refrigerants
  • Reversible Heat Pump modelling
  • Cabin Component with a Passenger Comfort Model designed to provide engineers with greater understanding of the thermal effects on the occupants of a vehicle.
  • Global Drive Cycle Performance Data

VTM - Airside & Cooling System Modelling & Simulation

  • Fully integrated airside and cooling system modelling
  • 3D visualisation of the cooling pack layout
  • Segmented controllers that allow detailed dynamic
    interaction with 3D CFD applications.

Automotive tailored components

Flowmaster V7 Automotive provides you with further industry tailored components for Lubrication and Exhaust System Modelling.

Flowmaster V7 Automotive
Software Package Options:

Click on the package names below to see the different Flowmaster V7 Automotive Software package options available.

Airside Systems Package

The Airside Systems Modelling package enables the measurement and analysis of pressure drops, air velocities and thermal performance of the cooling pack and its

Air Conditioning Package
Using the Air Conditioning Systems Modelling package, the performance of all modern AC systems can be evaluated whilst measuring the power consumption, the effect on
the coolant temperature and the effect on the cabin air conditions. Ffeatures include Geometric Heat Exchanger Modelling, Reversible Heat Pump and Super Critical AC Systems including R744a (CO2) correlations.
Cooling Systems Package

The Cooling Systems Modelling package enables users to simulate and measure the warm-up time, thermostat response, cooling system expansion, fluid expansion and
block temperature. Globally recognised drive cycles are available for transient analysis without the need for third party tools.

Exhaust Systems Package

Engineers are able to model entire systems using the Exhaust Systems Modelling package; from the engine to rear silencer/muffler and to measure the exhaust pressures, losses, flow rates and other performance parameters. Simulation tools include Full Heat Transfer in bends and Weighting Factor for irregular bends

Fuel & Injection Systems Package

The Fuel & Injection Systems Modelling package enables engineers to model the entire Fuel & Injection system from tank to injector. Engineers can investigate tank filling rates, fuel pressures (high and low side), flow rates, temperatures & pressures and injector performance.

Lubrication Systems Package

The Lubrication Systems Modelling package provides simulation tools to ensure adequate oil flow to all components such as bearings for all operating conditions, minimising friction, optimising component sizing and heat management.

Automotive Systems Suite Package

The complete systems modelling and simulation package including all the advanced automotive systems functionality and component libaries form the airside, cooling, exhuast, fuel and lubrication system packages



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