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Airside Systems

Accurate thermal systems’ modelling is dependent on the ability to model the air flow through the cooling pack for a range of transient operating conditions. Flowmaster V7 Automotive Airside Systems Modelling packages enable you to optimise the interactions of close-coupled heat exchangers using automatic air flow path segmentation.

By integrating non-uniform air flow in the cooling pack design you can impose profiles for velocity, pressure coefficient and temperature. Through imposing loss coefficient profiles you can investigate non-uniform blockage of your heat exchanger.

A set of standard components come with the Airside package and include:

  • Stagnation pressure source - Enter a measured or calculated cp distribution across the grille or at a single point. Automatically factor the cp distribution by the vehicle speed for accurate transient simulation.
  • Three-way flap valve - Developed for HVAC systems to direct flow to different vents in the cabin, direct flow around or through the heater core, select between fresh outside air and recirculated air.
  • Fan drives - Torque-limited viscous drive, Temperature-sensing viscous drive, Friction drive, Electric motor.
  • HVAC blower - Suited to the modelling of a blower commonly found in cabin ventilation systems.
  • Radiator shutter - Controls the amount of ram air entering the radiator or heat exchanger. Used mainly on heavy commercial vehicles.
  • Fan component - Commonly used in the modelling of the complete cooling pack.
  • Segmented Controllers - Import velocity profiles as a surface for use in Steady State or control an array of values that vary dynamically in transient simulation.

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  • Automatic heat exchanger segmentation and viewing for accurate air flow rate and pressure drop calculation
  • 3D visualisation of the cooling pack layout
  • A wide range of Airside specific components
  • Segmented controllers that allow detailed dynamic interaction between Flowmaster V7 Automotive and CFD applications
  • Airside specific help and tutorials to help users understand best practice and get up to speed as quickly as possible
  • Co-simulate with other industry tools such as ANSYS FLUENT, STAR-CD and MATLAB®/Simulink®


  • Fully integrated airside and cooling system modelling in a common environment
  • Faster optimisation and simulation of multiple cooling pack configurations