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Vapour Cycle Systems - Cabin & Cockpit Modelling

Achieving a satisfactory comfort level for pilot and passengers is a primary goal when developing any aircraft environmental control system. Methods to meet this goal will differ depending on the size of aircraft, due to the changing volume of air to control. Simulation tools are therefore needed to allow engineers to develop systems for aircraft of any size. click to view videos

Vapour cycle refrigeration is the predominant means of air-conditioning in small - and medium-size business aircraft and helicopters.

V7 Aerospace Cabin Component

Flowmaster V7 Aerospace includes a Cabin Component that has been developed to meet the specific challenges faced when developing vapour cycle systems within this type of small aircraft.

The Cabin Component within V7 Aerospace is designed to enable engineers to simulate small aircraft cabins that use vapour cycle systems, to predict the mean temperature of the cabin air space accounting for temperatures of the fuselage, instrument panel, floor and windscreen.

The Flowmaster V7 Aerospace Cabin Component does not require 3D data and therefore can be used to validate a cabin’s vapour cycle system much earlier in the design cycle - at the concept stage - allowing for multiple parametric studies to be run quickly.


  • Reduce the need to use 3D CAD geometry & in-house code
  • Component sizing to meet cabin condition requirements
  • Perform glazing studies to determine an optimum glazing solution
  • Optimise control strategies with the integrated passenger comfort model
  • Evaluate alternative vapour cycle systems and their performance
  • Correlate against climatic chamber data and develop an excellent predictive tool


  • Transient & Steady State Analysis
  • Psychrometrics Modelling
  • Vapour Cycle Systems Modelling
  • Multi-Fluid Simulation
  • Small Cabin & Cockpit modelling
  • Custom Component Creation