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Aerospace Applications

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UAV Systems

Flowmaster V7 Aerospace is a system-level simulation software tool used by aerospace industry leaders across a wide range of UAV and manned military aircraft applications - reducing development time and costs for a variety of thermo-fluid systems. With functionality designed specifically for aerospace applications.

Flowmaster V7 Aerospace enables UAV fluid system engineers to efficiently model and evaluate system performance - simulating effects of extreme body forces, temperature variations and other environmental factors.

Educational Video Webinar
Solving UAV Fuel and Avionics Cooling System Challenges

Webinar details:

  • Differences in fuel system dynamics - UAVs vs. manned aircraft
  • Accurate prediction of steady-state fuel system performance
  • Optimising UAV fuel line geometry and component sizing
  • Modelling mission profiles and other transient effects on UAV fuel systems
  • System sizing and flow balancing for avionics cooling
  • Ensuring required cooling flow to UAV avionics cooling systems
  • Transient effects of warm-up & cool-down for UAV avionics cooling systems