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Software solution: Flowmaster V7 Aerospace

Flowmaster V7 Aerospace is an industry specific thermo-fluid software tool. With dedicated aircraft system modelling functionality and industry tailored component libraries, streamlined to optimise workflow, users can build system models and run steady state and transient simulations quicker and easier than ever before.

Flowmaster V7 Gas Turbine is available for the design and modelling of Aero Engines

Advanced Capabilities

Flowmaster V7 Aerospace is built upon the Flowmaster V7 platform, but includes advanced aircraft system modelling functionality and industry tailored component libraries.

Environmental Control System (ECS)
Modelling & Simulation

  • Advanced Cabin Component and Passenger Comfort Model for simplified vapour cycle system modelling and simulating the environment experienced in small cabins and cockpits.
  • Psychrometrics modelling for accurately predicting pressures, temperatures and flow rates by investigating humidity changes through the aircraft cooling packs.
  • In-built components specifically designed for modelling air distribution, ice protection and bleed air systems.
  • Flow balancing module for optimising component sizes

Fuel System Modelling & Simulation

  • Advanced Multi-Arm Tank Component to aid the modelling of the movement between fuel tank cells enabling engineers to control the Nitrogen Enriched Air within the ullage space of the emptying tank.
  • 3D Coordinate System that accounts for external body forces (Pitch, Roll and Yaw) to help simulate fuel delivery performance during extreme manoeuvres.
  • Multi-Fluid Simulation for modelling the mixing, separation and modification of multiple liquids or gases.

Hydraulic System Modelling & Simulation

  • Hydraulic components such as displacement pumps, pressure regulating valves, directional control valves, hydraulic cylinders, and supply and return lines.
  • Optimise model performance with integrated frequency domain post-processing.

Flowmaster V7 Aerospace
Software Package Options:

Click on the package names below to see the different Flowmaster V7 Aerospace Software package options available.

Environmental Control Systems Package

Includes functionality and components taliored for the design and simulation of cabin air distribution systems and sub-systems including:

  • Psychrometrics modelling.
  • Advanced components for Ice protection and
    bleed air systems.
  • Vapour cycle systems with the Advanced Cabin Component.
Fuel Systems Package
Designed as a solution for modelling and simulating complex fuel system whilst in flight and to help engineers meet FAA regulations by investigating pressures, temperatures, flow rates and OBIGGS through simulation of the complete fuel system.
  • Fuel compnent libraries - Flow junctions, Advanced fuel tanks, Jet & Altitude pumps
  • 3D Co-ordinate System
Hydraulic System Package

Designed for the modelling and testing of aircraft hydraulic systems with standard components such as; displacement pumps, pressure regulating valves, directional control valves, hydraulic cylinders and supply and return lines.

Includes integrated frequency domain post-processing

Aerospace System Suite Package

Includes all the advanced aerospace systems functionality and component libaries form the ECS, Fuel and Hydraulics system packages



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