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Aerospace Applications

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Rocket Systems

Flowmaster V7 Aerospace is a system-level simulation software tool that can also be used by space engineers to design and simulate rocket systems, to reduce physical testing, development time and costs.

Flowmaster can be used for a variety of rocket systems. One example is the simulation the propulsion systems. The software can be used to evaluate designs for mitigating surge pressures while minimising propellant tank-to-thruster inlet pressure drop.

  • Transient pressure response and water hammer effect
  • Propulsion System flow balancing
  • Component Sizing to meet pressure and flow velocity specifications

Case Study - Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd developed the H-IIB Launch Vehicle ulitising Flowmaster V7 Aerospace.

"The accuracy of Flowmaster's results against pre-existing flight data allowed us to design the H-IIB launch vehicle confident in the knowledge that we could rely on the performance figures given from testing the new systems in a 'virtual' software environment."

Akihiro Sato, Propulsion system branch leader, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.